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The Savings That Can Be Made with Electronic Cigarettes

The Electronic Cigarette Company demonstrates the incredible savings that can be made by switching to electronic cigarettes.


Blackburn, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2013 --One of the main reasons why millions of people around the world want to give up smoking every year is the cost. The ever-rising and astronomical costs of smoking make it unviable for many people to smoke and invest in other areas of their lives as they would so wish. However many of these people find it hard to quit smoking because of the physical and physiological reliance they have upon it.

The electronic cigarette has burst onto the scene to replace both the physical and physiological reliance. Releasing a hit of nicotine whilst replicating the act of dragging from a cigarette; the e cig has become a useful alternative for smokers around the world. This alternative brings with it a significant monetary saving. Whilst the initial outlay may be more than a pack of 20; the long term savings more than compensate for this.

This innovative infographic details the savings that can be made by a 20-a-day smoker who chooses to switch to the equivalent e cig consumption. Monthly and yearly savings are tallied to represent an annual saving of more than £2,000. This freed up cash can be re-invested in a myriad of different ways, improving the lives of the ex-smoker and their family beyond reproach.

Amazingly, the savings made by switching from a pack of 20 a day to an e cigarette could fund the family’s food shopping for an entire year. It puts into perspective the significant monetary implications of the habit and opportunity cost that it incurs. Furthermore, the study shows that the savings made by the switch could fund 8.4 Apple iPads, this is enough to kit out most homes twice. Alternatively the newly ex-smoker could treat the family to a Caribbean holiday.

The switch can also incur a number of indirect savings in the long run for the ex-smoker. EU regulations dictate that companies are permitted to refuse to hire smokers on the basis of their habit. This can contribute to a loss of earnings for the smoker. Furthermore, the wage of the smoker is on average a baffling 4%-8% lower than their non-smoking co-workers.

The monetary savings that are incurred by electronic cigarettes are just one of the benefits of making the switch.