The Sexy Mama Movement Is Set to Publish a Stunning Book

As populations rise, more and more moms are looking for a way to deal with the challenges of juggling motherhood and life goals with wellness and fitness. Here to help is the Sexy Mama Movement’s upcoming book Achieving Sexy.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --Tragically, postpartum depression (PPD) is on the rise. Today around one in seven moms face PPD, causing loss of excitement and appetite for life, which in turn negatively impacts their relationships, health and happiness.(1) The demands placed on moms today are greater than ever. To help moms live purposefully and happily is the Sexy Mama Movement, bringing a whole new energy and sexiness to motherhood. The movement already spans through the mediums of music, workout plans, podcasts, and more, but there is one untapped means of connecting with mamas: a book. In turn, Sexy Mama Movement founder, Luci Lampe, has nearly finished her latest book, titled Achieving Sexy: Redefining Your Momlife & Mombod.

The book is planned to embody many of the goals already described in the movement in a relevant, digestible, and concise manner. Both the Sexy Mama Movement and its upcoming book are about so much more than losing the baby weight. Specifically, Achieving Sexy will focus on living purposefully, eating intuitively, managing emotions, and even reigniting bedroom fun. While a more toned body is certainly a plus, it is just a naturally occurring side benefit of leading a more energetic and healthy life.

Sadly, there is one thing holding Achieving Sexy back from mass distribution: cost. Luci wants to ensure that all of the content in the book is true to her mission, so it makes little sense for her to employ royalty-based publishers, who often implement massive edit. As a result she has turned to a team of interactive editors that charge an upfront fee. To garner these funds Luci has launched a twenty-two thousand dollar crowdfunding campaign, opening Achieving Sexy up to preorders. Patrons will be rewarded with anything from the ebook version, to an autographed hard copy, to a one-on-one workout planning session with Luci herself. With the help of readers, Achieving Sexy could be a few months away from hitting storefront shelves, and mamas could have the guidebook they need to regain control of their lives.

About Luci Lampe
Luci Lampe, a renowned singer, model, personal trainer, and mother of four, is the author of Achieving Sexy as well as the founder of the Sexy Mama Movement. Through her open and candid style, she has touched thousands of lives with her movement and hopes to influence many more with her upcoming book.

To learn about Luci's story and the book itself visit the Kickstarter campaign page.