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"The Skill Journal" Comes to Kickstarter to Level Up & Inspire Leaders Through Self-Development

A new learning and development journal offers to broaden crowdfunders' leadership horizons with its launch on October 15th.


Newark, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2020 --For the go-getters and slower-moving alike, a new journal comes to Kickstarter to turn up the volume on potential for all who dare. It's called The Skill Journal. Launched by Galerie Media, Inc., it's an all-in-one reservoir of learning, self-development, and leadership possibilities in bite-sized pieces. Designed to help organize skill sets by breaking them down into teachable, actionable processes, the journal introduces the user to themselves in new marketable ways. Welcome to a new world of hidden, usable talent for the benefit of all.

The Skill Journal comes in two versions. Its standard version breaks down the precepts and concepts behind one identified skill. To apply it, the journal teaches users the five main principles of every skill in existence - Knowledge, Tools, Techniques, Creativity, and Experience. The second version is a full guide approach. It helps readers document two skills with templates using twelve tools and twenty specialized techniques. There are also pages for creativity and a section of Experience Chart Sheets to track progress. Additionally, The Skill Journal offers sixteen reference tools to expand the users' knowledge on various principles.

Consistently diversifying his skills for the benefit of others, Hans Fleurimont, the Founder & CEO of The Galerie Media Inc. and creator of The Skill Journal, is a husband, father, coach, teacher, mentor, public speaker, and avid kung-fu practitioner. He said of the journal, "This is a tool to 'upskill' your experience. Its multidisciplinary approach identifies and helps you use your valuable skills and then teach them to other people. As a senior graphic designer in the academic field, my confidence rises whenever I see people who challenge themselves by challenging someone else. Allow The Skill Journal to be your challenger. You and everyone you influence will be glad you did."

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Galerie Media Inc. is a production and publishing company that creates learning and development tools to assist personal and professional development. Products include online courses, books, children's literature, hand-drawn illustrations, graphic icons, seasonal and theme-based stock vector/pixel art. 

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