Soothie Pad

The Soothie Pad Is a Weighted Lap Pad That Soothes Babies on the Go


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2017 --The Soothie Pad, a revolutionary new product that helps soothe and comfort babies during car rides, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Soothie Pad rests on a baby's lap and attaches to any car seat with a center buckle. The Soothie Pad's weighted memory foam/ cooling gel formula provides the perfect amount of tactile proprioceptive input and deep pressure on the child's lap. This unique design will soothe & comfort the child, relieve anxiety & irritability, and help prevent them from feeling startled during car rides. 

"Our first son, Hunter was an extremely fussy baby during car rides.  No more than 10-15mins in the car and he would go nuts!  Our road trips were a nightmare and we tried EVERYTHING on the market to try and soothe him without any luck. After having a few close encounters with car accidents and fed up with my wife having to constantly jump in the back seat every road trip, we were desperate/ heartbroken and had to find a solution," says co-founder Troy Bui. "Having heard a comment made by my mom about placing a pillow on our bodies to soothe and calm us during our naps when we were babies, coupled with my wife's background in Occupational Therapy and extensive research on weighted products, the idea for the Soothie Pad was born."

Babies enter this life from a comfy world while in utero, floating around hearing the squishy sounds of blood flow, heart beats and the feelings of warmth and comfort from inside their mothers. For nine months, baby are listening to this white noise while their bodies are developed to prepare for the new, loud and often chaotic, world they will soon experience and can be jarring for many new babies. This can be especially prevalent in car rides where babies can become startled and upset going over bumps in the road, while many others experience anxiety and become irritable sitting in the car seat for any period of time.

The Soothie Pad is backed by decades of research and experience that show that a baby's vulnerable undeveloped nervous system requires deep pressure to help soothe and calm. This is why hospitals recommend tightly swaddling babies as a proactive measure to prevent sensory overload. The Soothie Pad was developed by parents for babies' use during the first few critical years of development in their lives to provide a comforting and stress-free transition in the world.

"Every parent wants for their child to be healthy and happy, however, the reality is that our babies are born into this strange world and often feels anxiety, and discomfort during the first few years of their lives while trying to adapt to their new environment and parent's busy schedule," adds Bui. "Raising a healthy and happy baby is at the forefront of every parent's priority list and there's nothing more important to us than ensuring our most precious cargo is comfortable and stress-free during the first few most crucial years of their lives."

The Soothie Pad is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Soothie Pad
We are loving parents, just like you, who only want the best for our children.  Having had 2 boys, we understand the joys and challenges of parenting.  Each day we experience a full spectrum of emotions…from indescribable happiness, to the stuff that nobody tells you about before having kids. Troy has an extensive manufacturing management / planning background while An is a Pharmacist and former Occupational Therapist that put their heads and hearts together to create Soothie Pad.  Soothie Pad was developed out of love to provide a preventative, effective, non-invasive solution to soothing and calming our most precious cargo, while you're on the go.      

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