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The Swarm Intelligence Trading Software of Steven Francis Is Being Released


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2016 --The innovative Swarm Intelligence binary options system is now officially released.

Following intensive months of back testing and optimizing, the new automated software is ready to offer itself as the next money making machine of the online trading market industry.

Being during the beta testing stage, the Swarm Intelligence software is currently available for free. As a result, a limited amount of quick decision makers will get an unlimited access to the auto trading platform. Soon enough, and once a sufficient track record will be built, this auto signals service will be given only for a cost. The final price is not known yet, however Steven and his partner David Blataxe are planning it to be around 2,000 dollars per license.

To apply for a free registration go to:

The software is based on the Swarm Intelligence technology which is taken from science. Dr Steven Francis, who holds a PhD certificate borrowed this concept from the animal kingdom to use in the online binary trading world. Generally, the idea is to take advantage of collective intelligence, as it was proven that the power of group is significantly stronger than any single organism. The decisions making process and predictions ability are of higher quality.

Steven was able to take this simple concept and smoothly adjust it into his favorable hobby - day trading.

The Swarm Intelligence software was automated to trade for you in the high rewarding currency market. Using trusted binary options brokers platform it creates quality trading signals which generates outstanding results. The signals are chosen in a very selective method. Ten different strategies monitor the market 24/5 analyzing any new piece of data.

It's only when at least 9 out of 10 of them indicates an order, that the software applies a live trade on the market. Those carefully picked signals proved to work over 85% of the time. Translated into money, few hundred dollars can be made daily with a minimal $250 deposit. Not bad if you ask anyone.

People might see several binary options signal services and robots who promised even more than that. But those were all problematic products. They were detected as misleading offers and scam auto traders. With the Swarm Intelligence software auto trader you know you are dealing with a completely legit app. One that has been confirmed by high authority parties.

On the website of people can see Steven Francis presenting his unique program and how he gathered with David to apply his original plan. They designed a user friendly platform which anyone can use, regardless of past experience.

The sophisticated trading algorithm will do the hard work for you. As a client all that is needed is to activate the account by funding it with the minimum required of 250$.

Then, once the account is approved the user can simply switch on the auto trader and let it trade on the users behalf. Savvy traders can also use the manual mode where they can add their own judgment and strategies. The Swarm Intelligence auto trader simply provide you with online signals of the highest quality and allow you to create the most convenient additional income. In oppose to some dubious services in this niche, this one is 100% legit. The system was tested by several third parties. All approved extremely high earning.

As mentioned above, with more than 85% of winning predictions, one can easily make few hundred dollars every single day.

The best part of the Swarm Intelligence robot is that it doesn't leave room for error. The automatic risk calculator lets the user trade on the exact amount they should in relate to their balance. It also takes into account the ever changing market conditions and highly volatile financial environment. The Swarm Intelligence software seems to be an ideal platform for anyone who want to make some extra cash.

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About Swarm Intelligence robot
The main scientific objective of this project is the design, implementation, and control of a novel distributed robotic system.