The TacoCat Company

The TacoCat Company Brings in New Executive Team to Lead Expansion and Vision


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2021 --The TacoCat Company, an up & coming BEP-20 cryptocurrency token, has announced new management at the helm. Leading the team is Daniel Mijac, angel investor and Co-Founder of the company. Mr. Mijac, a seasoned entrepreneur, and avid cryptocurrency investor will bring in long-term vision to the success and growth of the TacoCat brand. He will lead the corporate division collaborating with all other division to ensure everything conforms to the strategic long-term plans put in place.

"My main goal as CEO in this incredible company is to help realize the astronomical potential of TacoCat. Our new team is locked and loaded to disrupt the crypto space as we are covering a wide array of skillsets from marketing to web development, community building and everything in between," said Mr. Mijac.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden he started his business career as a day trader back in the late 90s where he built up a passion for trading and after attending Gävle University in Sweden, he later transitioned to Real Estate Investing and has been highly successful in his endeavors. Mr. Mijac is also a renowned high stakes poker player with big earnings over his 6-year professional poker player career.

In addition to Mr. Mijac, joining the TacoCat team are

Jasper van Ravenzwaaij as Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of TacoCat. His role as COO will entail making sure all operations for the business are running smoothly. Mr. Ravenzwaaij is a passionate entrepreneur who has successfully turned failing businesses into profitable ones. He received both a MSC in International Business and Management and a BSC in International Business and Management at the Royal University of Groningen Netherlands and studied abroad at the SGH in Warsaw Poland.

Radek "Bobbert" Lenczowski joins as Chief Communications Officer and co-founder at TacoCat. Mr. Lenczowski is now tasked with daily communications operations at the company. He is a passionate crypto investor. He is a graduate from University College Cork.

Zach Scott as Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Scott comes from a web development, information systems and data analytics background. He will be working alongside developers to bring cutting-edge tech and innovation to TacoCat.

Alin Ybarra joined TacoCat as CSO of Tacocat. Mr Ybarra spent the last 23 years in finance. His role at TacoCat is to help the team stay laser focused on current projects along with ensuring future projects in the pipeline for the TacoCat community to enjoy.

Khaled Mekki joins as Chief Business Development Officer and Community Manager. Mr. Mekki is a recent law school graduate from Brooklyn Law School with a B.A. in Government and Politics with a minor in Business Administration.

The TacoCat brand is established not just as a token, but a brand at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation. By providing a friendly, mainstream image like Dogecoin — TacoCat has positioned itself as a friendly, accessible face for cryptocurrency, using its reach and stature to promote promising tokens with good brand potential, driving their adoption by the Binance Smart Chain community, and sharing in their growth and leveraging their brands to drive additional merchandising products and volume on TacoCat storefronts.

The company has succeeded in implementing strategies to support TacoCat holders with the revenue obtained from the newly launched store. And as this revenue grows, TacoCat can begin to expand into other avenues, all while supporting the TacoCat crypto-economy within their unique eco-system.

TacoCat is a community token and real-world brand that connects merchandising, creatives, and promotions with new and emerging cryptocurrencies. It aims to establish a self-contained ecosystem for exposing a growing community to promising crypto projects, while simultaneously providing an accessible cryptocurrency experience for the mainstream audiences. Gaming, music, art, literature, food, sports and education and so much more are possible with the power of a great brand. For more information on purchasing TacoCat tokens, please visit or download our whitepaper. Investors can find us on Pancake, LBank, Hotbit and Coinsbit.