The Tarsus Eyelid Patch Is a Comfortable Alternative to Surgical Eyelid Procedures


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2017 --Artist and inventor Nathan Horner has created the Tarsus Eyelid Patch, a device that comfortably holds the upper eyelid closed as an alternative to eyelid surgery. The Tarsus Eyelid Patch holds the eyelid closed without actually sticking it down, allows the wearer to administer eye drops, and since it is clear, it is barely noticeable.

Horner came up with the idea for the Tarsus Eyelid Patch after twice undergoing surgery to his left eye. Due to a scar on his left eye, Horner underwent a cornea transplant in 2002 and then had an artificial cornea implanted in his left eye in 2008. Following the surgeries, Horner needed to have his eye sewn closed to allow the surface of his eye to heal, a procedure called a tarsorrhaphy. He discovered there was no other way to keep his eye closed. He therefore designed and created the Tarsus Eyelid Patch to be his very own natural bandage to encourage healing.

The Tarsus Eyelid Patch is made from a two-ply, breathable mesh fabric material, a hypoallergenic plastic material, and a latex free tape material. It can be easily cut according to a user's size and specific facial features. The non-rigid device has an adhesive surface to attach to the eyelid below the eyebrow and once applied, it stays securely in place. Its curved shape means that it lies comfortably on the eye socket, even when worn for long periods of time. The angles of the Eyelid Patch allow the corners of the eye to open so drops or artificial tears can be applied. It is safe enough to use on the delicate eye area and can be easily taken off when the user wants to remove it.

As well as being a painless alternative to tarsorrhaphy, the Tarsus Eyelid Patch can be used to protect the eye at night, and is suitable for stroke victims, children and the elderly. It is also convenient for anesthetists to use to hold patient's eyes closed during surgeries and medical procedures, and its compact size renders it perfect for mobile medics, such as military doctors.

Two head Doctors / Specialists / Professors at UCLA Jule Stein Eye Institute, Dr. Anthony Aldave, MD, Head of the Cornea Division, and Dr. Law, Head of the Glaucoma Division, have endorsed The Tarsus Eyelid Patch's effectiveness at holding the eye closed.

Horner has launched the project on Indiegogo to raise funds to bring The Tarsus Eyelid Patch to market and secure a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Perks include Horner's beautiful artwork, including poster and lithograph prints, canvas and oil prints, and oil paintings.

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