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The Team at Home Solar CT Urges Homeowners to Take Advantage of the Renewed Federal Solar Tax Credit & State Solar Incentives

Home Solar CT is encouraging homeowners to go solar now while the incentives are up and the Federal Tax Credit is renewed to 30%.


Watertown, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2022 --Home Solar CT is bringing attention to the available tax credits and renewals for 2023 for homeowners looking to make the switch to go solar in the coming year.

Solar incentives are meant to be a way to save homeowners money on the initial investments and increased taxes of going solar. There are many CT Solar incentives that homeowners need to know about, according to Home Solar CT.

The biggest thing that homeowners should take advantage of now, according to Home Solar CT, is the renewed ITC from The Inflation Reduction Act. This means that the federal tax credit for Connecticut is back up to 30%, which is the highest it's been since the tax credit for solar incentives was introduced. Previously, for 2022, it was at 26% for homeowners in Connecticut.

Not only is this 30% federal solar tax credit a great advantage to going solar during this time but there are many other CT solar incentives to take advantage of. Home Solar CT encourages homeowners to take advantage of as many savings, credits, and offers as they can get when going solar.

Homeowners can have the opportunity to apply for this Federal Tax Credit after getting the solar panel installed in order to get a percentage of the installation cost back.

"With state and federal incentives, you might also be able to invest in new solar panels without any upfront or out-of-pocket costs," says Home Solar CT regarding using incentives to get money off the initial installation. Home Solar CT educates homeowners about incentives while offering solar panel installation and solar energy services.

Home Solar CT makes it its mission to provide excellent solar service while educating homeowners on the many benefits of solar incentives and tax exemptions. Home Solar CT says, "We can also help you find manufacturer rebates and discounts and other price reduction opportunities." Incentives, rebates, and exceptions are all ways to save on the initial investment of going solar and purchasing solar panels.

Some other CT solar incentives to know about are the Property Tax Exemption, Sales and Use Tax Exemption, Green Bank Solar For All, and GreenBank Residential Investment Programs. These incentives save homeowners money on everything from the initial cost of installation, property taxes, and many other expenses that can come with switching to solar energy.

There is also a new residential energy program that replaced the RSIP and was rolled out in 2022 that their team can give you more information on.

With this being said, homeowners considering going solar should reach out to Home Solar CT to get started and take advantage of these Solar incentives and tax credits. Home Solar CT wants homeowners to know that this is the best time to go solar, especially if the cost plays a large factor in the decision to go solar.

Their company encourages homeowners to reach out about the different CT solar incentives available. "Our trained technicians are always up to date when it comes to incentives for your property," says the owner of Home Solar CT in regard to reaching out about incentives.

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