The Top Exchange ZB Has Repeatedly Listed High Quality Project


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2021 --Recently, currency prices have fallen and people's feelings have been impetuous, and the crypto circle seems to have ushered in a few more gloomy days. China's value investment model Chen Guangming once said this: The best time for investors is a bear market. I think this sentence is really useful in the current crypto circle. Therefore, we might as well settle down now, look for value investment, and feel the charm of cryptocurrency.

In fact, many value coins appeared in June. On June 16, ZB launched the Polkadot ecological projects POLY, Pols and the privacy cross-chain project KEEP. PLOY uses the Scrypt core algorithm and Pow incentive mechanism. Although it consumes large resources and has low performance, it has high security. In order to expand capacity and achieve scalability, POLY has begun asset cross-chain and has achieved good results. In addition, in terms of cross-chain technology, blockchain information security verification has been done to ensure the integrity of cross-chain information. The core value of POLS lies in its focus on interoperable gold medal pools. With the increasing popularity of the Polkdot network, POLS is now very popular with coin lovers. Then, let's talk about the privacy cross-chain project KEEP. This project has a very broad prospect. Due to the disclosure of data, the main problem that hinders its adoption of the blockchain has been effectively solved. With the help of KEEP, a completely decentralized application has been established. In the future, the security requirements for storage, transmission, and calculation will only increase, and KEEP can meet this demand.

On June 17, 18, 22, and 23, ZB successively launched value project such as ALGO, O3 Swap, REN, BNT, and LIKE. ALGO has a unique consensus mechanism that combines a verifiable random function with POS. During its operation, it will select a small number of users to verify new blocks. Of course, the user's information is kept confidential throughout the entire process without any risk. In this way, it also effectively solves the problem that the decentralization, security, and scalability of the blockchain cannot be taken into account at the same time. The unique concept of O3 Swap realizes the free transaction of native assets between heterogeneous chains, and the model of "aggregator + asset cross-chain pool" distributed under each public chain. It enables users to enjoy the "one-click" cross-chain asset exchange. Currently, the connected networks include Ethereum, BSC, Neo, and Heco. In addition, it is currently expanding towards Solana, Polygon, Polkadot and other ecosystems.

REN is an agreement for a large number of encrypted assets between BTC/ETH, BTC/ERC20 and ETH/ERC20. The use of distributed dark pool trading has significant advantages in dark pool trading. When users conduct large transactions, information is kept confidential during the transaction process to avoid depreciation and other situations. Another token, REN, has currently received the support of 86 exchanges and provides customers with an OTC market through the RenVM protocol. Investors can purchase assets without exposing any privacy, and can perform private calculations with the participation of multiple parties. Finally, let's talk about the LIKE token. LikeCoin is a practical token, based on Ethereum and complying with the ERC-20 standard. Used for sales, marketing, and rewards. Content creators will be rewarded before the proof of creativity mining officially starts, as well as some projects that are conducive to the development of the ecosystem.

So, some friends may be a little curious at this time, what is the origin of ZB, which has repeatedly listed good coins? Now I will talk to you about ZB Exchange. ZB was established in 2013 and its predecessor was the CHBTC trading platform. In 2015, CHBTC successively launched ETH, BTS, EOS, and QTUM transactions. In 2016, CCN, a well-known overseas blockchain media, commented on ZB as follows: CHBTC is one of the largest exchanges in China. This is undoubtedly an affirmation of ZB's status. In 2017, CHBTC officially closed the Chinese market and changed its name to Since then, it has focused more on opening up the international market. In 2018, has opened diversified businesses such as margin trading, custody products, OTC trading, loans, voting for listing, ZB partner plan, and market maker plan. In 2019, hosted many summits in Brazil, Bangkok, New York, Malta and Singapore. At the beginning of 2020, ZB token was included in the CoinMarketCap2019 report as one of the Top5 platform tokens.

According to data from February 2021, ZB ranks among the top ten in global transaction volume. As an eight-year old exchange, ZB has provided digital currency trading services for tens of millions of users around the world, so it is also known as the most recommended exchange.

In addition, ZB currently has one-stop services for digital assets such as spot trading, fiat trading, leveraged trading, and leveraged wealth management. And online customer service continues to be online 24 hours a day to provide customers with comfortable and satisfactory services. It also adheres to the principle of user first, and meets the diverse needs of users through integrated business services including investment funds and electronic wallets. Since we have been advancing the process of compliance and won the support and trust of various countries, we have established operation centers in Dubai, Switzerland, the United States and other places, which greatly guarantees the safety of user funds.

The above several new coins have huge market potential and are backed by an old and reliable exchange like ZB. In today's sluggish bear market, everyone might as well give it a try. I dare say that they will most likely bring you new opportunities and greater benefits.

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