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The Unexpected Wellness of Kitchen Remodeling for Coral Gables, Kendall, Key Largo, Miami, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest

For homeowners looking forward to give their kitchen a makeover, considering kitchen remodeling from Trimline Design Center can be a good idea.


Pinecrest, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2019 --Pinecrest FL -- (ReleaseWire) – (11/27/2019) Trimline Design Center creates beautiful spaces through their kitchen remodeling in Coral Gables, Kendall, Key Largo, Miami, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest. However, they want customers to know of an unexpected additional benefit of a kitchen remodeling that has recently been discovered. This benefit is the increase in healthy eating and wellness.

When discussing the plans for kitchen remodeling with customers, Trimline Design Center kept hearing that customers would remark they just couldn't work in their old kitchen. Sometimes customers would complain about being cut off from the rest of the family, not being able to watch the game, or not enough space. Lack of counter space, small appliances and an unfriendly traffic flow made cooking not only difficult but also an unenjoyable experience.

After a kitchen remodeling, customers often remark about spending more time in their kitchen. They feel more comfortable spending time in the kitchen since they can watch the TV or feel connected to family and guests. They remark that it's easier to prepare meals. Sometimes customers say they just love spending time in their new kitchen. The result of spending more time in a user-friendly kitchen is that customers find themselves eating healthier and not ordering takeout or delivery as much.

Meal preparation is no longer a rush to finish quickly to join the rest of the family. Having all the tools and appliances at hand makes the preparation and cooking easier. Customers actually look forward to spending time in their kitchen, using the new appliances and all the features. When looking to increase kitchen functionality in the kitchen remodeling plans, small changes can make a big difference. Custom kitchen cabinets that maximize space, appliances with expanded capability and clever organizing can make a difference in the use of new kitchens.

Trimline Design Center invites residents of Coral Gables, Kendall, Key Largo, Miami, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest looking for a kitchen remodeling to talk to the Center about what can be included to incorporate healthy eating and well-being into the design.

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