The Unicol Obelisk Digital Kiosk Display Now Offers More Capabilities and Options for Customers


Oxford, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2019 --Unicol has proven to be one of the most established producers and manufacturers of various AV products and components, including AV equipment, furniture, video walls, projector mounts, multi-screen units, trolleys, stands, and more. And now, Unicol cements its reputation even further with more capabilities and options for customers with its outstanding Obelisk Digital Display Signage System.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2019 – Unicol offers the best when it comes to AV display solutions and equipment, and it is known for its focus on quality and the highest standards with its products and services. Thanks to Unicol, numerous sectors have already benefitted from the best AV systems, furniture, and equipment, including the educational, corporate, retail, and industrial sectors.

Unicol is based in the UK, with its own factory located in Oxford, and this means that it can handle all kinds of projects and demands, from the largest systems to small, one-off products or systems. The Unicol name always strives to bring forth the best in quality as well as performance, and customers can expect the most robust systems and equipment combined with highly dependable and versatile products.

Today, Unicol extends its reach even further with its Obelisk Digital Kiosk Display System, a special column-style or totem-style kiosk which is suitable for large-format screens. The Obelisk system offers a lot of capabilities and options for customers indeed, and this includes its quick manufacture coupled with ease of installation as well as customisable features. The system comes with an H-frame design with columns made from chrome and wall-mount cross members, and this creates a stable and secure frame that can easily accommodate any use or application. Aside from this, the Obelisk system comes in three main styles, including floor to ceiling, freestanding, and bolt down.

The Obelisk system also offers a truly dedicated display solution with its ability to cover everything from 30-inch screens up to 79-inch screens, and it can be either double-sided or single-sided as well. Furthermore, the system can be adequately manufactured according to the screen choice of the customer, giving them the freedom to choose the best screen for their requirements. Both large and small companies have already taken advantage of the Obelisk system, rolling them out in a range of stores and shops as well as smaller establishments to give customers a more personalised, unique experience.

About Unicol
Unicol has always taken pride in its array of digital display solutions and AV equipment for customers looking for the highest quality systems for shops and retail outlets, schools and universities, business premises, events, and more. For the latest details and info on the digital kiosk display solutions offered by Unicol, visit the company site.