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The Universal Life Church Keeps the Secrets of the Special Rawleigh Products


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 -- The beginning of the production and selling of the Rawleigh health products began in 1889 with their founder, the Reverend William T. Raleigh. Today, the Universal Life Church keeps the special secret about these products and offers them in the same unchanged original quality they had about 120 years ago.

The humble beginning of the Rawleigh line called “Good Health Products” has been initiated by William Rawleigh in the beginning of the XX century, who traveled in four different USA states to promote his products. The citizens of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois had a privilege to enjoy the quality products and services offered by the Reverend William Raleigh. Their popularity quickly increased and spread through the other states and regions and more than 20 million households have used the products in 1922.

The torch of this growing company has been passed through the generations from the father to the son, till the last survived member of the Rawleigh family, who invited to lunch Brother Michael, the President of the Universal Life Church. Although today the W.T. Rawleigh Company is sold to individuals, the quality of their products remains as high as it has been in the beginning. That is why they are preferred by American customers, who love the genuine taste of a century ago.

The Raleigh tradition and quality are kept by the Universal Life Church and Brother Michael, who is proud with this unsurpassed heritage.

People, who would like to learn more about the popular Raleigh products and order some, may visit http://www.ulcwebstore.com/main.sc.

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