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The Unspoken by Terrie C. Curry Goes #1 on Amazon in 24 Hours

TerrieCCurry.com newest book by author, grief coach, former financial analyst and estate planning portfolio manager, now storyteller extraordinaire, Terrie Curry of The Unspoken: A Story of Love, Loss and a World Beyond Words became an Amazon International #1 bestseller in under 24 hours.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2016 --TerrieCCurry.com latest book The Unspoken: A Story of Love, Loss and a World Beyond Words by grief coach, former financial analyst and estate planning portfolio manager, International Best Selling Author, now storyteller at heart, Terrie C. Curry. Terrie C. Curry has written The Unspoken: A Story of Love, Loss and a World Beyond Words for individuals looking for a life changing experience as they walk through their own journey to know themselves as well as prepare for grief and loss when coping with death. Terrie C. Curry's new International #1 Amazon best selling book, The Unspoken is now available on Amazon. Often people ask themselves, Who am I? The desire to know yourself has been played out in ancient paintings on cave walls and still resounds today. Within these pages you'll discover that in a world where "reality" and "spirituality" are rarely commingled, we tend to reject that which we cannot explain. Call it spirituality, call it intuition, call it telepathy—these experiences are the very clues to that persistent question, Who am I? The Unspoken walks you through the mindset of, the more we deny the interplay between these two realms and, the more we deafen our minds to this nonverbal communication, the more we miss out on what is just beneath the surface: a knowing that suggests we are all much more connected than our modern, civilized world may acknowledge. Our fascination with the meaning of life and what might exist beyond this physical world is seemingly inherent in our very nature as creatures walking the earth. Yet now, more than ever, we live between two extremes.The transforming story within The Unspoken will help shift the thoughts people struggle with which will change your life.

"The Unspoken is a genuine account of an exploration of consciousness and a guidepost for anyone open to acknowledging the cues that spirit and communication exists on different levels. Terrie Curry gracefully writes about what many of us are uncomfortable addressing and inspires us to tune inward to fully connect ourselves to the Infinite, those we care about and the subtle world around us." -- Lisa Alvarez LAC, Founder of Healing Foundations Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic.

As a financial analyst, Terrie C. Curry spent years working in the business of logic, reason, and numbers. And yet this same, basic question—Who am I?—this desire to know herself, led her to explore the world of spirituality. Through years of working with hospice patients, learning to deal with grief and loss along with crisis intervention strategies, and an amazing encounter with a miraculous little boy labeled autistic, Curry has gained insight into this nonverbal communication in a realm beyond our everyday comprehension. Those very experiences aided her through her husband's unexpected illness and death. The power of our connection beyond words helped her cope with death, tragedy and its aftermath. She writes now to share her quest to know herself, to demystify telepathy, and to tell of her journey to find strength, and healing after losing a beloved partner.

The Unspoken is not just the story of the author's amazing journey; it is also a tool that the reader can use as an aid on your own journey to know yourself. The experiences detailed within will help prepare you for grief and loss, as well as coping with death. It will also provide tips for crisis management so that you can minimize the unexpected during such difficult times. By embracing the possibility of nonverbal communication, your awareness of the world will expand in miraculous ways. With an open heart and curious mind, begin your journey to know yourself….right within these pages.

Curry has three book signing events with a portion of the proceeds benefiting different charities.

Wednesday April 13, 2016 in Chicago - a portion of proceeds will be directed to CeaseFire: Chicago Chapter of Cure Violence

Friday April 29, 2016 in St. Paul Minnesota - a portion of proceeds will benefit Awesomism Education Foundation

Wednesday May 4, 2016 - a portion of proceeds will be donated to Trees for Life

Wonderful, amazing, transformative! Curry's book is a page turner which weaves together the worlds that exist beyond words, masterfully demonstrating the subtle human connection that knows no separation. - Suzy Miller Author of Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism.

About Terrie C. Curry
With an MBA in finance, Terrie C. Curry had a career in Chicago for twenty years. She dealt with financial and legal matters in portfolio management and estate planning. Her exposure included probate work in the Cook County Court system. She now lives in Denver, Colorado. A storyteller at heart, she enjoys the creative process of writing and speaking. She writes stories for the "Awesomism" movement, a new way to perceive children on the autism spectrum. Terrie takes the words of the parent and paints their story on a canvas of the heart. She says, "These children can be as wise as Yoda, and as uncompromising in their mission as R2D2. They inspire and empower us to know and be who we are.

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