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The Wollip Travel Brand Sales for Coveted Premium Neck Pillow Quickly Go Through the Roof on Amazon

The Wollip Premium Neck Pillow was recently released, and only available for purchase, exclusively through Amazon. The pillow was designed to be comfortable, anatomically supportive, a snap to clean and durable when traveling.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2016 --The Wollip's spokesperson Sigrid McNab, hastens to allay travelers fears and concerns and pledges to have more Wollip premium neck pillows available as soon as humanly possible. McNab notes that sales for the incredibly popular travel neck pillow have been through the roof and the company has been pleasantly caught off guard as a result.

The Wollip Premium Neck Pillow was created in direct response to the inadequacy of poorly designed travel neck pillows that are uncomfortable or difficult to use.

"We are passionate about traveling in comfort." explains Sigrid McNab. "Other travel pillows that I, and others had previously used were uncomfortable to use, difficult or impossible to wash, had no elastic strap and did not provide proper neck support. When we designed The Wollip, we took all of these factors into consideration. By using our premium neck pillow, you will be comfortable, supported and arrive feeling refreshed."

Elevated sales of The Wollip is the best possible kind of confirmation that they were able to pinpoint the shortcomings of existing neck pillows and to overcome them. Clearly, the users/buyers of The Wollip have wholeheartedly endorsed the improvements that the company has made in travel comfort.

The Wollip Premium Neck Pillow is currently available (pending restocking of inventories) for purchase exclusively on Amazon, where customers are provided with a lifetime guarantee. To find out more information about Sigrid McNab and her new travel pillow, visit directly.

About The Wollip travel brand
The Wollip travel brand was initially designed and created by a group of enthusiastic travelers that wanted to address and eliminate some of the challenges and discomforts faced by travelers all around the world today. To that end, The Wollip travel brand is committed to making travel a comfortable and rewarding experience for everyone regardless of their mode of transport.

Sigrid McNab
Founder and CEO

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