The World's 1st "Facebook" Unlock E-Bike with Intelligent Virtual Guide Is Launched in Oslo

Electric bikes make good environmental sense and can be a remarkable way to explore a city. OsloBike is answering the call for a “next generation” electric bike completes with Facebook and WeChat unlock systems and virtual guide making Euro city exploration simple and fun.


Oslo, Norway -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2018 --Oslo, capital of Norway being the first European city to ban cars from city center, is also one of the popular tourist destinations in Europe generally. Getting around Oslo, in a green-friendly, convenient and a fun way recently became much simpler with the launch of OsloBike (oslobike.com).

Oslobike is designed to deliver an optimal city tour experience by offering an innovative E-bike that can be unlocked with a Facebook "messenger" code. The code not only opens up the use of the E-bike but gives instant access to an on-demand virtual guide as well, where the system suggests the city's best sightseeing routes, prompts geo-based travel recommendations. OsloBike intends on expanding its operation into other European cities, building off of its success in Oslo.

"Most European cities are the perfect size to explore on bike. For new millennial travelers, a unique travel experience yet with a good sense of sustainability and health is becoming increasingly important." said (Julia) Wei Cai, the founder of Oslobike. "Beyond that our chatbot virtual guide and being the first bikes featuring facebook "messenger" unlock codes gives an easy access to all users, making Oslobike a real game changer to the tourist industry.

Oslobike's vision is to put the days of creating a long to-do list, planning itineraries, searching for tour guides, and trying to navigate sometimes complex transportation system in a foreign city behind. According to OsloBike, their green mobility solution combines Internet of Things and ChatBot technologies to deliver its impressive benefits. By providing a transport tool--- a bike and a virtual guide, Oslobike solves the common problem of "where to go" and "how to get there" during the travel, making the travel experience truly immersed and dynamic with instant travel tips of what's going on nearby riders. OsloBike satisfies user needs for a unique travel experience with comfort and convenience, delivering the ultimate freedom of exploring a city as locals. And importantly, while also showing great respect for the environment.

In addition to Facebook, OsloBike features WeChat compatibility and Chinese language options to make the service accessible to the growing number of Chinese tourists who travel aboard. The WeChat system will be launched later in August. Oslobike is developed by Norwegian Tech. Startup --- Nexo Mobility AS with a close cooperation of China’s leading urban transport solution provider --- Innomake (uma.com).

About Nexo Mobility AS
Nexo Mobility AS (nexomobility.no) is an intelligent urban transport solution provider, focusing on developing integrated, future-driven and environmentally friendly transport solutions.

For more information, visit: www.oslobike.com

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