The World's First Customized Footwear Made from 100 Percent Natural Sheep's Wool


Far Hills, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2017 --Dovile Sirmulyte from FeltForma has designed the world's first customized, 100 percent natural wool shoes and boots for men and women. Smartwoolers are made from organic European sheep's wool, using a traditional method of seamless wool felting, to achieve hand-made footwear that is warm, comfortable and keeps feet healthy and odor-free.

As well as being incredibly warm, Smartwoolers keep feet cool in more temperate conditions. Wool does not cause the body to sweat, lets air through, and acts as a natural moisture absorber, wicking any sweat away from the skin. Smartwoolers are also good for feet since the fatty acids in wool fibers have antibacterial properties and neutralize odors.

"Smartwoolers are perfect for people that suffer from cold feet or work in cold environments," said Sirmulyte. "They are made from natural organic wool, so as well as keeping feet warm and comfortable, they allow feet to breathe. In fact, they are equally suitable for snow or sand dunes! And, customers love our wool shoes because they are stain and water resistant, self-cleaning and can be made in any color they like."

Available as loafers or ankle-length boots, men and women can wear Smartwoolers indoors and out. They are made with a hardwearing TR rubber sole, which is lightweight and provides grip on slippy surfaces. Smartwoolers mule slippers are also available for indoor comfort and come with cork, black or red rubber soles.

When ordering a pair of Smartwoolers, the customer is asked to measure their feet with a ruler from heel-to-toe to determine the right size. Each pair of shoes or boots are then hand-made in Northern Europe by a team of professional and skilled wool felting masters, according to the customer's exact measurements.

The original method of seamless wool felting is more than 800 years old. Each shoe is made from a whole piece of natural wool using only pure hot water – and no harsh chemicals. The technique of wool felting involves hammering the wool to encourage the microscopic barbs on the surface of the wool fibers to hook together; there is no knitting or sewing. A lengthy process, it takes two to three days before the shoes are ready for their hand-stitched rubber soles and quality control testing.

The wool used in Smartwoolers is a sustainable material that is sourced from suppliers that follow strict quality and environmental requirements. Customers can choose from six organic colors, which are natural shades such as Brown Bear and White Swan, and an additional seven dyed colors, including Red Poppy and Orange Tangerine. Since Smartwoolers are customisable and made to order, customers can select one color for the exterior of their shoes and another for the interior so the result is entirely personal to them.

Find out more about Smartwoolers, including the colors available, by visiting the Indiegogo page here: