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The World's First Game Somatosensory Gun-Type Gamepad Will Be Launched on Indiegogo on August 15th


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2017 --The development of mobile device technology has enabled people to experience more exquisite screens and better fun in mobile phone or pad games. However, there is still a common problem for mobile device games, which is that most game operation buttons are all on screen. This problem has caused weaker immersion of a game, and the dirty screen will affect operation feedback on games, in which shooting games, fighting games and racing games will be the "Most Obvious".

However, the new product named PP mini Pro to be launched on Indiegogo on 15th Aug.will provide an excellent solutions to this problem. With the assistance of the world's first game somatosensory gun-type gamepad, game players will have better game immersion, excellent operation feedback and more comfortable use experience.

The players for FPS games will realize the "In the game" experience after using PP mini Pro. Firstly, somatosensory full-view control. After Bluetooth 3.0 is connected with games, the character will move along with game player as long as he moves his body holding PP mini Pro, it seems that player can really be aiming at the target. Secondly, the motors inside PP mini Pro will provide players with simulated recoilforce every time they shoot. It creates more realistic shooting experience. Thirdly, the ergonomic design of PP mini Pro has taken full reference to the pistols such as Glock. The total weight of the gun is 220g, and the whole gun body is covered with anti-explosion intimate ABS material. It provides the players with two adjustable wood chip, thus use experience has been greatly improved. Lastly, with the assistance of VR glasses, game players can really realize the game experience of being "In the game".

PP mini Pro will also be a "Sharp" for the players of fighting game and racing game. Its Picatinny rail can be matched with two different accessories. PP mini Pro can become game gamepad or steering wheel only through "Press the Button" on the gun body. The gun body is equipped with US CTS small joystick with hundreds of thousands times of use and twelve customized buttons. Players can easily customize their gamepad function after jailbreak or root. The body are also equipped with gravity sensing system, which will help racing game players realize more excellent operation experience.

Besides, PP mini Pro is also a multi-functional "Weapon" in our daily life. With the assistance of Picatinny standard accessories attached, PP mini Pro can easily become a selfie tool. The players can charge their mobile devices via USB at the gunpoint if rubber cover there is opened.

PP mini Pro is a "Weapon" in game and life. And a good weapon needs an excellent security system. Gun rack attached with PP mini Pro can not only turn the "Gun" into an artwork, but also charge the gun body, then players can "Enjoy the Game" any time they want.

In conclusion, PP mini Pro, to be launched on the Indiegogo on Aug.1st will probably be the most tempting game somatosensory gamepad for mobile device game players. Regardless of its function as selfie tool and portable source, its features including weight of 220g, somatosensory full view control, recoilforce simulation from motors inside the gun, FPS shooting, fighting and racing game specialization, various adjustable intimate ergonomics modules, CTS small joystick with twelve customized buttons attached, bluetooth 3.0 transmission as well as android and iOS system support and other properties and so on, will create the most immersive game experience for players. And with the help of VR glasses, players can really realize the feeling of being "In the game".