The World's First Portable, Battery-Operated Espresso Machine Will Dispense the Perfect Shot of Coffee Anywhere


Melbourne, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2017 --The world's first handbag size, battery-operated espresso machine that boils water and dispenses coffee using Nespresso® capsules is now available. Small enough to fit in a backpack, suitcase or hand luggage, the XSPROFIX is powered by a lithium battery so that quality coffee can be dispensed anywhere and anytime, even when electricity is unavailable.

The XSPROFIX has been created by John Rochecouste, an Australian who has dedicated himself to producing a portable espresso machine to enable coffee lovers to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee wherever they are in the world. Along with five engineers, Rochecouste has finalized a prototype for the first-generation XSPROFIX and is seeking backers on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to start production in China.

The all-in-one espresso machine is roughly the same size as a traditional Thermos flask or water bottle and works with either cold or hot water. "XSPROFIX means you have a quality espresso at your fingertips whether you are trekking Machu Picchu, camping in the wilderness, or playing a game of golf," explained Rochecouste.

To use XSPROFIX, insert the Nespresso® capsule in one end of the machine, then turn it upright and add water to the other end. Press the red button to prepare the coffee; press "two seconds" to boil the water and "five seconds" if the water is already hot enough.

The lithium battery is rechargeable and removable. The XSPROFIX comes with an AC adapter which charges the battery in approximately 2.5 hours. A light on the machine indicates how much charge remains. When fully charged, the machine will make 100 cups of espresso using boiled water, and the coffee is dispensed instantly.

As well as an AC adaptor, each XSPROFIX comes with a battery case, an accessory bag, and a travel bag which has been designed to protect the machine and carry three Nespresso® capsules.

"With our first-generation XSPROFIX, our aim was to perfect our technology and align it to work with a capsule that is easily accessible worldwide," said Rochecouste. "Nespresso® capsules are consistent and delicious; they are also recyclable and convenient to purchase and use."

An XSPROFIX stand with a spillage tray and recesses for five capsules is also available. The stand keeps the machine steady without the need to hold it when using your own cup.

The water cavity is accessible for easy cleaning and the vacuum sealed capsule cup and drinking cup are dishwasher safe. To find out more, visit the XSPROFIX Kickstarter page.

XSPROFIX is the product of its founder's lifelong search for the perfect cup of coffee, "anywhere, anytime." The company partners with a team of engineers and manufacturers to produce high-quality portable espresso machines.