The Z10 Smart Speaker Is Live and Booming

As the modern world develops, technology should develop with it. To help speakers keep up with the technological uptick, Thompson Burk Inc. launched its smartest speaker yet, the Z10.


Stamford, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --Today, everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the developed world. As a result, the past few years have seen unprecedented growth for the music industry, providing that needed escape. * Sadly, many speakers have not kept pace with the rest of technology as devices continue to get smarter, leaving many consumers to wonder why. In response, Thompson Burk Inc. has just opened up preorders for its smart speaker yet, the Z10. The company worked tirelessly to provide elegant form and unheard of function. To this end, Thompson Burk Inc. included both the new and the old with the nascent field of wireless connections alongside tried-and-true LED synthesizers.

To grasp what exactly is so 'smart' about the smart speaker, just pick from the arsenal of gamechangers packed into the clutch-sized speaker. From the wireless docking system to the Near Fields Communication (NFC) technology, the product truly has a hold on what innovative features some users have never even considered. For example, Thompson Burk produces a compatible wireless keyboard that magnetically attaches to the speaker, allowing users to type into the connected device while music is playing. This functionality enables the Z10 speaker to act as a full-keyboard workstation for the typical tasks of communicating by text or writing a paper. Also included is Bluetooth technology, the ability to wirelessly charge cellular devices, a multi-color LED visualizer, hands-free speakerphone capability, two 3-Watt speakers, and more.

But more than just functionality, the Z10 smart speaker incorporates a professional and sleek design, creating a stylish appearance. To achieve this aesthetic, the Thompson Burk team started with fine, stunning materials: darkwood, stainless steel, and clay. After countless hours of design, construction, and polish, the raw materials are transformed into a speaker ready to face the modern world. Unfortunately, a product with this many innovative steps packed into a space the size of a shoe requires funding for initial production and distribution. To remedy this issue, the Z10 is debuting on Kickstarter in an effort to crowdfund the initial costs while accepting pre-orders as donations. With the support of readers, the Z10 smart speaker by Thompson Burk Inc. genuinely can bring speakers back up to speed with the rest of today's technology.

About Thompson Burk Inc.
Thompson Burk Inc. was launched by lifelong tech enthusiast Moustapha Diakhate. Moustapha was fascinating with the idea of making the products of his dreams become reality. Today he is happy to be achieving his goal while treating the public to innovative products.

To learn more or support the Z10 visit the Kickstarter campaign page.