NGM Gold LLC Launched to Publicize Settlements Consumers Could Be Entitled To

A new informational website for no proof class action lawsuits finds consumers settlements they may have a stake in.


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2018 --Aggregated to keep "the little guy" in the know, a new website called is launched to help even the score. Created to inform consumers, who would otherwise have no clue they qualify for a settlement, the site is a veritable go-to resource for found money. Listing some of the nation's heaviest-hitters, big money settlements currently listed include corporations like Volkswagen, Bank of America, and Costco to name a very few.

Simplistic to use, consumers need only search the website's extensive listings to find a lawsuit or class action rebate they qualify for. They can also register with the new site to receive settlement email alerts via the convenience of their inbox. Once a lawsuit is found, consumers are directed to a platform whereby they can file a claim form online or by mail. Within approximately two months of a settlement being reached, their payment for restitution, rebate, or coupons for free products are sent in the mail.

Thomas Valmeyer, the owner of NGM Gold LLC, said of the usefulness of, "By putting information all in one easily navigated place, consumers can basically cut to the chase and get what's legally theirs. I receive messages every day praising me for informing them about a class action lawsuit they just qualified for thanks to our platform." 

The website includes a forum for consumers who would like to discuss the process of being in a large group of people, who cite wrongdoing and have thereby taken legal action against a company or an individual. 
Class Action Lawsuit Information: Participating in a class action suit typically waives one's right to sue independently. If seriously harmed by a particular product or service, consumers should speak with a lawyer before filing a class action claim. Additionally, they should not file for a claim they are not eligible for as they are submitted under penalty of perjury.

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