Thirty-Year Marketing Veteran Explains Why Promotional Products Are the Key to Marketing Success in New Book

Readers Will Learn Strategies and Tactics to Grow Their Business Using Promotional Products


Alpharetta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/13/2020 --Avery Manko, President of the Manko Company, teaches the value of promotional products in his book Uncomplicated Marketing: A No-Nonsense Guide to Growing Your Business Using Promotional Products.

Avery saw a need for his expertise to be shared when he began noticing that many entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers had misconceptions about promotional products. He also learned that the general public wasn't aware of exactly what promotional products were, some thinking they were no more than trinkets or novelties people would quickly forget about or discard. Manko's goal is to teach businesspeople how to use promotional products to build their brand, increase sales and customer retention, and get more referrals and sales leads.

"The truth is that promotional products are the best-kept secret in marketing, and I want to change people's attitudes towards them," says Manko. "While other advertising mediums are intrusive and annoying and most people avoid them, most recipients welcome promotional products and use them in their day to day lives."

In Uncomplicated Marketing, Manko helps his readers understand the power of promotional products by using an example of a chip clip custom-printed with a company logo that he's been using since 1995. He states that the value of promotional products is that they incorporate all 5 senses and can provide continual advertising impressions for the advertiser with no involvement or added expense long after they have been distributed.

Promotional products are often used multiple times a day every day. They are commonly kept on our person, often passed along to others, displayed in a person's home or workplace, and can even evoke an emotional response in the recipient, becoming someone's "favorite" item, which allows the marketing message to be repeated over and over again.

From seasoned business pros to entry-level marketers, Uncomplicated Marketing provides a blueprint for successful marketing using promotional products.

Uncomplicated Marketing will be available on,, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks on January 15, 2020.

Note to Media: Avery Manko is available for media interviews. To schedule an interview, please email or 470- 239-8547.

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