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Davie, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/24/2018 --In December of 2017, Attorney Steve Thompson and Attorney Stephanie Taylor of Thompson Legal, P.A. won a verdict in favor of their client, Ms. Mildred Raffe. On February 23, 2016, Mrs. Raffe, an 88-year-old woman, was walking towards her vehicle in a Walmart parking lot located in Hallandale Beach when she was struck from behind by a full-sized sedan. Mrs. Raffe fell to the ground and immediately felt pain in her right ankle and foot, and it was later determined that she sustained a fracture in her right foot. Mrs. Raffe incurred significant medical bills, pain, and suffering, and would continue to experience pain and suffering throughout the rest of her life. Thankfully by taking her case to a jury trial and obtaining a jury verdict in her favor, Thompson Legal, P.A, got Mrs. Raffe the compensation she deserved!

Thompson Legal, P.A is a law firm located in Davie, Florida that has helped clients like Mrs. Raffe with their auto negligence cases and other personal injury cases. After initially speaking with Mrs. Raffe, Thompson Legal, P.A. agreed to represent her on a full contingency basis and to pursue a claim for Mrs. Raffe's injuries. The defendant, who was driving the full-sized sedan, and her insurance company, Geico, denied causing Mrs. Raffe's injuries. Attorney Steve Thompson knew that Mrs. Raffe was not at fault and that the accident clearly caused Mrs. Raffe's serious injuries. Throughout the litigation, Geico continued to minimize Mrs. Raffe's claim and down-play her injuries. Despite this, Thompson Legal, P.A. efficiently proceeded through the filing of Mrs. Raffe's personal injury lawsuit, the discovery process, depositions, and meditation resulting in a scheduled trial just 1 year and 1 month after filing suit.

Taking a case to trial is very rare these days and most law firms prefer to come to a settlement because of the risk and expense involved in trying a case, but Attorney Steve Thompson wanted to get Mrs. Raffe what she deserved. Mrs. Raffe had already incurred over $15,000.00 in medical bills because of the accident and continued to experience pain on a daily basis. Mrs. Raffe's trial took place over three days, from November 28 to November 30, and on November 30th a jury agreed with Thompson Legal, P.A. by entering a verdict for Mrs. Raffe!

The jury found that the defendant's negligence caused Mrs. Raffe's personal injuries and awarded Mrs. Raffe a verdict of more than $65,000.00. Due to Thompson Legal, P.A. strategically filing a proposal for settlement during the lawsuit and the jury returning a verdict in excess of the proposal for settlement, the defendant and Geico were forced to pay for Mrs. Raffe's attorney's fees and costs from April 8, 2017, through the completion of the trial. This resulted in Mrs. Raffe receiving significantly more money than she initially requested. With excellent trial co-counsel in Attorney Jeffrey Davis and Attorney Stephanie Taylor, Steve Thompson was confident in going to trial and continuing to fight for his client. Mrs. Raffe is now able to afford any future medical expenses that may arise in order to experience the best quality of life possible despite her injuries.

Going to trial is sometimes the best solution. The attorneys at Thompson Legal, P.A. aren't afraid to go to trial!

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