Thorp 28800mAh 12V/24V Is the World's First Reverse Charging Car Jump Starter


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2016 --Thorp, the revolutionary new reverse charging portable jump starter with the power to jump start vehicles as large a semi-truck, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Thorp is the world's first car battery reverse charging jump starter. Thorp is a 12V/24V car jump starter which can start all kinds of cars, trucks, and buses. In addition, the Thorp is a portable power station for all of 12V appliances such as mini fridges when users are camping or engaging in other recreational activities outside.

"After getting stranded one day on the car after my battery died, I had no other choice but to call a tow truck to pick up my stranded car," says Thorp CEO Kairn Ma, "We should be able to simply charge our cards just like we do our mobile phones, simply and without hassle."

It was this problem that led Ma and her company to developing the technology. After speaking to multiple women, who reported similar issues regarding difficulties using normal jump starters and having to exit the car in potentially dark or isolated areas, the Thorp is a much safer solution. No need to call for outside help or even exit the car. After countless hours, several different prototypes and a team of more than 60 engineers working around the clock, the Thorp as finally a reality. For the first time every, users would be able to charge theirs from the inside using only the car charger port.

The Reverse Charging technology of the Thorp is truly a game changer. No longer do people need to get out the car and open the hood to touch the oil stained and dirty car battery, but only need to plug the connection cable into the car socket to charge up the battery. After as little as 10 minutes, users can start their car again, all without ever leaving the drivers seat.

"With the Thorp you can finish all of the car battery charging from right in your car," adds Ma, "The Thorp reverse charging technology makes your life easier and more stress free, never again will you have to pop your hood and jump start the traditional way with jumper cables."

The Thorp Reverse Jump Starter also packs a serious punch. The technology is so powerful that it can charge car batteries for vehicles as large as commercial trucks, large passenger buses, and even tractors. The product also doubles as charger that users can use to power up their mobile phones, laptops, and other portable electronic devices..

Some cars will have different cylinder and liter so traditional 12V/24V Jump starters will not work for high liter car. With the reverse charging functionality of Thorp, all cars, even those with 6 cylinder 5 liter or more will be able to be jump started 

Thorp is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

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