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Three AC Repair Trends for 2023 That Every Property Owner Should Be Aware Of!

When it comes to a project like an AC repair, it’s crucial to know what the latest tech advancements and industry trends are!


Murray, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2023 --From supply chain shifts in a post-pandemic world to all sorts of industry regulations, the HVAC world was certainly impacted in 2022. Last year's changes of course will also play a major role in 2023, but this year truly is unique when it comes to how much will change for an ac repair and other HVAC services.

2023 is going to be an exciting year for the entire HVAC industry and customers everywhere, and below are three of the biggest trends that are permeating throughout America this year and likely into the future!

What's The Outlook For The HVAC Industry In 2023?

Contractors and property owners are typically always wondering what's in store for the HVAC industry each year, and in 2023, it's safe to say that the industry shows no signs of slowing down the progress of the past few years. The overall demand for HVAC services has never been higher, and 2023 projects the HVAC industry to produce around $26 BILLION!

Because there's such a high demand for AC repairs and other HVAC services, there are naturally a lot of job openings in this industry. 2023 projects a 13% increase in HVAC technician positions (at least as compared to previous years).

But there's still A LOT more going on within the HVAC industry that's specifically different for this year, and the below trends are crucial for every property owner to stay on top of as 2023 progresses.

Three HVAC Industry Trends That Are Growing In Popularity In 2023

Tech innovations are always going to manipulate how HVAC companies conduct their business, so staying up on the latest trends can keep certain businesses and properties ahead of the curve.

Below are three HVAC industry trends that are growing in 2023, and will likely continue well beyond this year:

Brand New Energy Regulations

The Department of Energy has now implemented all sorts of efficiency requirements as of the beginning of this year, and these requirements are inevitably going to bring a ton of business for HVAC companies all over America.

The new regulations will ultimately increase SEER requirements for heat pumps and AC systems, so a lot of homes are going to need a professional AC repair within the next year or so.

Contractors and construction teams will now need to make several adjustments for all of their new projects this year, because energy efficiency has officially established a higher standard in 2023!

Massive Demand For Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The COVID pandemic has put indoor air quality on a lot of property owner's minds, and now that these types of systems are more affordable, the overall demand for air quality solutions is set to catapult.

Everyone wants to know that their home or business keeps people safe from airborne infections, and this is something that has even become a part of commercial marketing strategies to attract people to companies and brick-and-mortar businesses.

There are robust opportunities for HVAC companies when it comes to indoor air quality solutions, and this added industry sector will only continue to grow in popularity throughout upcoming years.

Significantly Higher Efficiency Goals

The ever-growing demand for sustainability and energy efficiency is only getting larger in 2023, and this is partly due to the simple fact that we're all seeing the effects of climate change firsthand in some way or another. Inflation and higher costs of living are also waking people up to money-saving strategies oriented around household/business energy consumption.

HVAC businesses will need to expand their efficiency solutions in order to remain competitive in 2023, because home and business owners are inevitably looking for new ways to cut down on their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprints.

And smart home technology and increased ENERGY STAR ratings are making these types of goals more attainable for Americans across the board.

Make The Most Of 2023 With A High-Quality AC Repair Job!
The HVAC industry is prone to all sorts of operational impacts just like any other line of work, but the overall expectations for HVAC services is set to skyrocket in 2023 and continue to flourish well into the decade!

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