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Tiger Head to Attend the 127th Online Canton Fair


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2020 --Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group is attending the 127th Online Canton Fair from June 15 to June 24. The Company will take part in the event with its six independent brands: "Tiger Head", "555", "Hi-watt", "Lighting", "TIHAD", and "FUNMILY". The products presented for the occasion will mainly include solar batteries, car batteries, alkaline batteries and so on.

The COVID-19 outbreak had a tremendous negative impact on international trade. Due to the current status of global transportation, this edition of the Canton Fair will be held online. Domestic and foreign businesses will be invited to display their products on the online platform arranged by the organizations. There will be new channels available to support the exhibitors such as live broadcasting, streaming events, and online conferences.

The Canton Fair 
The Canton Fair has been regarded as one of the most comprehensive international trade events worldwide. Among the numerous international expositions, Canton Fair claim a long history being this year the 127th edition. Furthermore, it offers the largest scale and most comprehensive variety of products, covering all different industries. The exhibition also vaunts an impressive record of holding the most significant number of buyers of all the international fairs worldwide.

Tiger Head Participation
In the recent month, Tiger Head Group has been meticulously preparing for the Canton Fair. In this edition, the Company has planned to show the new arrivals as well as the standard collection of best-selling dry batteries.

A welcomed addition is the newly developed Tiger Head's solar battery. These kinds of batteries see their application for household, telecommunication, and street lights. In terms of performance, solar batteries are incredibly safe and resistant to over-discharge and overcharge.

On the other hand, the car battery has been part of the Tiger Head's offer for a while. However, it has been revamped having more stable performance at different temperature of working environments. In addition, the new generation of car batteries has extended battery`s life and minimized water loss.

As for the standard products, Tiger Head is presenting, a vast assortment of primary batteries with 555 high power batteries and alkaline battery series. These types of batteries allowed Tiger Head to beat the competitors because of their sustainability (not containing mercury), large capacity and wide usage range.

The new market conditions present unique challenges. Canton Fair online provides businesses with an alternative way to do promotion. People interested in knowing more about Tiger Head and its products can participate in their live broadcast room and interact with them face to face online. The streaming will focus on showing dry batteries, accumulators, polymer batteries, and food products. Welcome to join!

About Tiger Head Battery Group
Tiger Head Battery Group has a long history dating back to 1928. Since then, the Company has been developing at a fast pace until today, realizing annual sales for over 6 billion pieces of dry batteries and export value of over 400 million U.S. dollars. Tiger Head imposed itself as leading battery enterprise in China with over ten series of batteries products. The secret behind their success is technology development and improvement of management efficiency, which allowed Tiger Head to export their product all over the world. 

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