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Time out Puts the Wraps on Education


Smyrna, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2015 --Cool Contour Products announced today that Canton, GA-based Time Out Solutions has become a national sponsor partner. As a sponsor partner, Time Out, will provide the Cool Contour Pain Management Benefit to over 100,000 American K-12 public and private schools. Time Out will sponsor the registration and administrative costs for each school. Following registration, school faculty, staff, administration, and student body are provided product cost savings valued at 30% to 40% below MSRP.

Recommended by doctors, sports medicine directors, and athletic trainers alike, Cool Contour Wraps are natural therapy aids designed to help control and manage pain resulting from injuries, overuse, and chronic pain conditions. As a new "niche" for pain management, Cool Contour Wraps are the best choice for restoring the ability to do things that pain prevents - whether functioning and performing daily activities, being more productive, or reducing interrupted sleep from pain-related conditions.

Cool Contour Wraps provide a competitive advantage to student athletes. "The application of cold therapy has been used for many years as the initial stage of treatment with the therapeutic effect of decreasing swelling and pain. Cool Contour Wraps now allow us to use the positive effect of surface cooling without the irritation of prolonged use of directly applied ice or cold compression. We have had an excellent subjective response from athletes of all ages using these products for prolonged cooling effect after sports participation. Surface cooling has been very effective in decreasing soreness and speeding up the recovery period" - Terry Trundle ATC.LAT,PTA, Athletic Rehab Institute - Director of Sports Medicine

"We understand the major challenges facing America's school systems," says Time Out founder Alan Dukes, a former educator, athletic director, and coach. "As such, we want to give something back to help educators, athletes, faculties, staffs, and the entire student population who can benefit."

Cool Contour Products says, "Initially, the Wraps were developed to assist student athletes during the recovery process from injuries. Today, they are also recognized as one of the best therapy aids for millions of people suffering from chronic or recurrent pain-related conditions. The Time Out national sponsorship will help many deserving people to gain "drug-free" control over pain."

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