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TingleBath Launches the Natural Loofah Bath Sponge and BackScrubber for Skin Exfoliation, and Body Scrub

The TingleBath natural loofah sets take care of the skin by scrubbing the skin with soap on the loofah. This helps the skin to make it look new every time a person has a bath or shower. It has been medically approved and has quickly become one of the fastest-selling bath sponges on the market.


Annapolis, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2016 --TingleBath is pleased to announce they have launched a new natural Loofah Bath and Shower Sponge set that helps take care of the skin and allows a person to feel and look great each time they have a shower. The TingleBath natural loofah set is a product that helps remove dead skin cells naturally for an improved, softer Complexion. It is the perfect product for a person that cares about the way they look and wants a healthy, radiant looking skin.

The Loofah Glove & BackScrubber set, which is designed to make a person truly clean, by removing dead skin for a clearer and natural Complexion, and dirt from hard to reach places, is currently available for $27.99 with a free delivery promotion across USA.

The set includes a loofah hand glove, a loofah scrubber, and wall hanger hooks for the purpose of drying and maintenance.

A lot of men and women make the mistake of thinking if they are cleansing, moisturizing, it will give them a healthy look. However, if they are not exfoliating then the skin is not truly healthy. As a person ages and with the process of cell regeneration slowing down, exfoliating becomes more important.

As a person advances in years from child to adult, the body is slower to remove skin cells with the regeneration of new ones.

That means, as a person gets older dead skin cells start to build-up, which can lead to blemishes and acne as well as tired, unsightly looking skin on the back, feet, and legs.

Skin exfoliation using a loofah enables one to remove the dead skin, leaving the skin looking fresh and healthy each time they have a shower or bath.

The medically approved method of exfoliation using a Loofah provides many benefits for a person, which include:

- Revitalizing your body and trigger the nerve cells beneath your skin.

- Exfoliation using the Loofah will help you restore your cells back! Yes, it will remove all the dead skin cells to help you improve your skin and finally kick the bacteria out!

- Bath scrub using a loofah will improve circulation. The friction on the skin can boost blood flow. The vessels in your skin can expand when stimulated; you might have seen your hands get warmed while rubbing – a loofah has the same effect. Yes, it increases circulation to the areas that you scrub with it.

- Cleaning your back will be super simple with our exceptionally well-designed backscrubber loofah.

- It's time to say goodbye to acne, dry, rough skin, rashes, eczema and other skin issues. Our product is 100% reusable for at least a month, and the best part is that it is strongly recommended by dermatologists and health professionals.

The TingleBath natural loofah comes with free shipping across the USA and comes with a full guarantee. As one of the most recommended products for a cleaner natural looking healthy skin, it has become a perfect lifestyle and health product to purchase as a gift for a loved one.

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About The TingleBath Natural Loofah Set
The TingleBath Natural Loofah Set provides a person with a tool that can help them be clean each time they have a bath or a shower. It allows a person to reach places on the body that other accessories fail to get clean. The product helps people combat dry skin by removing the dead skin cells and providing them with healthy looking skin.

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