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Tip Sheet: 7 Forged Connection Marketing Advantages of Using Those That Are Integrally Reinforced

In this tip sheet, Forged Components shares the advantages of using integrally reinforced forged connections.


Humble, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2016 --Forged Components, a global leader in the forging, machining and manufacture of integral self-reinforced pressure vessel connections and ANSI flanges, discusses the unique marketing advantages to using connections that are integrally reinforced.

1. Equipment deliveries are enhanced through the consistency of production with less variables involved. The reduced amount of variables results in less factors that influence the product.

2. Pricing becomes steady due to the consistent production of equipment, also as a result of reduced variables.

3. Pricing is flexible to be more competitive in the industry. This is a result of using smaller connections to produce forged connections for manways and instrumentation.

4. Sales increase from the consistent production and ability to meet customer demands.

5. The completed product's visual appeal shows through using seamless connections.

6. Budgets are maintained from predetermined costs. Quality is not compromised and is, in fact, guaranteed for the connection to be on-target in its performance.

7. Special attention given to creating maximum strength and toughness with the contour of the forged connection with insert lips and aligned grain flow. Applications that need superior resistance to stress from thermal and mechanical processes benefit from specifying the need for contour.

In addition to these marketing advantages for forged vessel connections, the process in which Forged Components, ASME section VIII division 1 vessel manufacturers, operates improves quality control and reduces the cost of production. By simplifying the process, these display the advantages of seamless integrally reinforced forged connections over multi-component fabrication.

The focus for Quality Control Inspectors is on critical areas of the finished product. This focus is an improvement in quality control because it reduces the inspection of areas that are of little to no concern, including the traceability of materials, inspection of component and shop fabrication.

Additional advantages include the cost reduction of the reinforced forged connections through production. Costs are saved in materials, inventory control, handling, quality, and fabrication. Pressure vessel connections are manufactured according to industry standards, including ANSI, ASME, ASTM, and API. Custom pressure vessel components manufacturing is also available for specifications needed by customers.

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Forged Components, Inc. (FCI) is a global leader in the forging, machining and manufacture of integral self-reinforced connections for ASME pressure vessels LWN, HB, I1, I2, I3 E, Q-Lip nozzles, butt weld stub end connections, studding outlets, and ASME B.16 Series A & B large diameter flanges and blinds.

FCI operates from 95,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities at five (5) locations in Houston, Humble, Porter and Navasota, Texas. The forging and manufacturing facilities are equipped with 350 ton, 1700 ton and 2500 ton open-die hydraulic forge presses, 300 ton ring roll, heat treatment furnaces, and a wide range of machine tools including manual and CNC lathes, VTL's, milling machines and drills. Our corporate office, main manufacturing and storage facility in Humble, Texas is located on 19 acres adjacent to a rail spur, near major freeways and within 5 miles of the Bush International Airport.

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