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Tips for Dealing with Spring Storm Damage


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2018 --The spring storm season is approaching fast. This is an ideal time to take steps to prevent storm damage to any home or business. Here are some tips to prepare for the stormy season:

High Winds and Tornadoes

- Every year, there are approximately 1200 tornadoes reported in the United States and countless more high wind events also occur. Property damage from these wind events range in the 100's of millions of dollars. In face of such huge force of nature, what does an individual do?

1. Do not remain in a vehicle. In fact, get as far away from the vehicle as possible. Find a low-lying area and shield the upper body to protect from flying debris.

2. Tornados jump around over the surface of the earth. So do not try to out run a tornado with a vehicle.

3. The best protection while in a home is to go to the lowest level of a home away from exterior walls. Take cover in a closet until the tornado or wind event is over.

Of course, always have a prevention plan in place. People that live in high wind or tornado areas are familiar with the warning signs of the impending nasty weather. In the case of a tornado, when witnessing the funnel clouds or when hearing the siren warning, try to attempt to run for cover and do not stay out in the middle of a field.

Once the event is over, it best to call in a professional such as First Choice Restoration headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with additional locations throughout the United States to help rebuild.


- Flooding is responsible for billions of dollars in property damage a year in the United States. In some instances, floods can be sudden and over powering. Other times flooding can be forecasted before hand. If faced with flash flooding, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Do not attempt to drive a car through flood water. Just 6 inches of water of flash flooding on the road can sweep a car away.

2. During a torrential downpour, stay away from low-lying areas to avoid being carried away by rushing water.

3. Always have an evacuation plan in place in case moving to higher ground is needed.

Once the water subsides, it recommended to call First Choice Restoration of Philadelphia to remediate the loss and help with the insurance claim.


Most people would think that tornadoes are more dangerous than lighting, but lightning is more common and thus more dangerous. The air surrounding a lightning strike could reach up to 55,000 degrees Fahrenheit—that is hotter than the surface of the sun. If outside during a lightning storm, follow these safety rules.

- Avoid being at the highest point. If in an open field, find the lowest area away from trees, fences, and poles. Feeling tingling throughout the body means the atmosphere is charged with electricity. To minimize contact with the ground, stand up in a crouched position and place hands on the knees shielding the head between them.

- It is best to stay in the automobile. It will provide better protection then being exposed to the open elements.

These tips are recommended for survival through any of the above storms. When making an insurance claim for property damage, it may be best to get professional help from a Public Adjuster.

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