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Tips from Printing Solutions on How to Create a Memorable Event


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2014 --Printing Solutions, a print company in Scottsdale, AZ is sharing their expert tips with business owners to help them create a memorable event worth talking about.

As Printing Solutions knows, creating a buzzed about event takes time, energy and most of all preparation. Here are their top tips for creating a hip and memorable event.

1) Talk it up

Be sure to start advertising about the event well in advance. Things like flyers and postcards are simple, but effective ways to promote an event. Make sure it’s on people’s calendars. Use social media (it’s free) to get the word out. Make it sound a little mysterious, but be sure to have the goods to back up the hype. Don’t worry, the items below will help with that.

2) Provide Good Food and Drink

Work with caterers to develop delicious bites that will get gobbled up in no time. Just be sure not to run out!

3) Create a Vibe

Lights, Cameras, Action! The decorations, lighting and displays all play into the vibe, which sets the mood and gets people excited about the event. To help create the perfect vibe, considering hiring an event company who knows what they’re doing.

And don’t forget to create awesome photo opportunities with a step and repeat banner.

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4) Keep It Interesting

Make any speeches, awards ceremonies or presentations short and sweet. People’s attention spans are short and the last thing they’ll want to do is spend their precious free time listening to one thing after another. After all, they came there to let loose and have fun.

5) Give Away Goodies

People love gifts, whether it’s a bag stuffed with goodies or something as simple as a notepad. Make sure each person is leaving with something, and that it is a positive reflection of the event.

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