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TipSee the #1 Tip Tracking App in the Industry Hits 250,000 Downloads


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2015 --TipSee is a cross-platform app that will enable users to track, register and follow all of their tips. The app has several features that can be really useful to the user as a worker. First of all, it offers the ability to add tips everyday and keeps all of the tips in a calendar view. In that way users will have clear view of how much tips they have earned in any particular day and time.

Adding a tip on TipSee is easy. All a user needs to do is to press on particular date, add the total amount of tips, enter the working hours and add the info. After that the information will be shown on the calendar. Users can do that for each day and thus can keep track of each dollar they make with their tips.

The app also has summary view in which earnings are shown in much different and detailed way. There is info about how much has been earned in that particular day, month, year, and which was the highest and lowest earning day etc. Additionally, users can see how much tips they're getting depending on the day in the week. The summary view is an excellent analysis tool.

TipSee can automatically backup data and users can easily export the data to other devices. Additionally, they can also import data from other data sources. Users can also add multiple jobs and change the background. The pro version of the app offers some neat features as well. For example the pro version offers advanced search, tip outs and even tip tracking by client.

TipSee is probably the best cross-platform app for tracking and analysis of tips. The app is highly functional, neatly organized and has great set of features. The pro version offers even better and more comprehensive features. At the end of the day this app has convinced reviewers that it is high quality and worth keeping, especially if the user is a worker that gets tips frequently.

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