Tommy & Tim Gibb Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Tidal+ American Made Flip-Flops

Tidal+ is a US made flip-flop loaded with technology and comfort delivered in a sleek and simple design. Creators Tommy and Tim Gibb are looking to raise $75,000 to bring this product to the market.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/04/2015 --Most of the people love to wear flip-flops. However, little has been done over the years to improve this popular category of footwear. Traditionally designed flip-flops are extremely flat and are made of materials that often fail to deliver the desired level of support and comfort. Tidal+ promises to solve this problem by making flip-flops out of an engineered material and process that incorporates patented midsole shape and technology.

Tidal+ will be manufactured from molded, blown polyurethane foam. Highlighting the benefit of this material, one of the creators Tommy Gibb states, "We like to call this our Wave Foam, a similar material used in the latest and most comfortable performance footwear applications. Not only does our material feel more comfortable and deliver better all day support, it also greatly outlasts those more traditional flip-flops in the market made from EVA."

The project team has also partnered with ALINE, a progressive insole supplier with an impressive clientele. In tandem with patented ALINE technology, Tidal+ gives the body a better base from which to move. This allows the optimal alignment & efficiency in all phases of motion.

Some of the most important benefits of using Tidal+ are:

- Designed to be worn all day.
- Allows the feet to breathe, and is perfect for before and after a workout.
- Ergonomic design improves movement and encourages better posture.
- Lightweight and easy to pack.
- Sleek design pairs easily with any outfit.
- Built to last.

Tidal+ is the brainchild of Tommy and Tim Gibb, brothers with eighteen years of combined footwear production & sourcing experience. They already have the product and concept, the factory and the team. Now they need funding support to start manufacturing Tidal+. They are presently engaged in efforts to raise $75,000 from their recently launched Kickstarter campaign. All funds raised will be used to finalize the commercialization of the concept and purchase the necessary expensive tooling needed to bring Tidal+ to the market. This project will only be funded if at least $75,000 is pledged by December 19.

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About Tidal+
Tidal+ is an US made flip-flop loaded with technology and comfort delivered in a sleek and simple design. Tidal+ promises to overcome the limitations of traditional flip-flops by making them with better materials and processes and incorporating patented technologies and attributes not previously found in this category in such a sleek design.