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Top Airport Parking Launches Tampa Port Parking for Only $6.99/Day. Here Is Why It Is a Big Deal

Florida travelers can now park at the Port Tampa Bay for only $6.99/day


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2018 --If you live in Florida, and you love to travel, this news will save you some money. Top Airport Parking, a Leisure and Travel company based in San Francisco, provides airport and port parking at insanely low prices. They offer Orlando Airport Parking for $2.99/day, and just launched Tampa Port Parking for only $6.99/day.

Top Airport Parking is the lowest cost and highest quality parking option for the Port of Tampa, and another 19 airports and ports across the country. Some people may wonder how they are able to provide great parking locations at such low rates. In each market, they partner with only one five-stars parking facility with excellent reputation, and sell unbranded. Patrick Murray, co-founder and CEO of Top Airport Parking explains it in more detail.

Murray puts it this way "If a company resells a parking lot's parking space through some deal or discounted rate, this ends up showing up on Google's search results. So a loyal traveler may be searching for their favorite airport parking brand and see there is some kind of deal and end up not purchasing on the brands own site, but a third-party. As one would assume, parking lot owners don't like this since they need to pay extra fees and sell for a discounted rate. If they partner with us, they keep their loyal customers while only selling at a discounted rate through us to travelers they otherwise wouldn't have parking at their facilities."

Top Airport parking adds value to partners and customers by filling up parking spaces that partner facilities originally would not have sold, and providing customers tremendously cheap parking, that otherwise would be difficult to afford.

Purchase Top Airport Parking's Tampa Port Parking online for a highly discounted rate of $6.99 a day.

Simply go to, and select Tampa Port Parking, fill out the reservation form and make your payment. Shortly after your purchase, you'll receive an e-mail with the exact parking location, parking instructions, and your reservation number. Simply drive to that location and show them your reservation number, and you'll be on your way!

Top Airport Parking, who makes it simple and ridiculously cheap for travelers to park near the airport, sells un-branded airport parking reservations at the cheapest rates in a market. Launched in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, Top Airport Parking will be expanding to 30 markets this year.