Top Edge Services LLC

Top Edge Services LLC Reports a Success is a website developed by Top Edge Services as a different way to advertise a website for a small monthly fee.


Herriman, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2013 --Two years ago Top Edge Services LLC did a soft launch of their website

The concept was to keep it simple and get ads in front of as many people as possible.

"Unlike large advertising companies that charge hundreds of dollars a month we charge a monthly flat rate fee," said Stan Thompson CEO of Top Edge Services LLC. offers the user the ability to place up to 5 ads with one account for only $16.95 a month.

The ads are shown all over the internet by's affiliates.

Mr. Thompson went on to say, "Our affiliates want your ads to be seen because the ads have a box around them that encourage people to place ads, and when an affiliate gets someone to place an ad then the affiliate earns 50% of the monthly fee. So it is in the affiliates best interest to show the ad in noticeable places on their site".

There is also something else that makes the ads noticed; the ads scroll.

"People can't help but look at the ads scrolling on the page", Mr. Thompson added.

Top Edge Services reports that the average user on has all their ads seen an approximate total of 40,000 times a month.

Top Edge Services also reports that they have had many users that joined at the start back in 2011 are still with them today.

Mr. Thompson also said, "I think that there is a growing trend; more people are looking to the internet to make money and almost everything out there needs to be advertised.

The problem is some of the big companies are so complicated and expensive that people just don't know how or they just don't want to use them.

So that is why we created We make it simple to place ads."

Each ad on can also have a small image placed just above the ad. is one of many websites that Top Edge Services has developed and operates.