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Top Mistakes That College Students Make on Resumes and How to Avoid Them

Resume Writing Guide Helps New Grads Craft Resumes That Get Results


Grand Rapids, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2015 --While new college grads certainly don't lack enthusiasm or educational knowledge when entering the workforce, they often lack the proper professional materials like a focused, well-written resume that really showcases their strengths. Unfortunately, today's employers are flooded with resumes from recent grads that just don't meet their standards. That's why Vertical Media Solutions, a nationwide leader in resume writing, has crafted a guide aimed specifically at this segment of the workforce. Resume Writing Tips For Recent College Graduates helps new job seekers avoid some of the most common resume mistakes that novices make.

One of the most common mistakes that new workers make is being highly focused on themselves and what they want out of a career, says Joel Marotti, senior managing partner of Vertical Media Solutions. "While focusing on oneself is a necessary part of identifying the right career, it shouldn't come across in the resume. Instead, the resume should be focused on the employer's needs." Start by eliminating any language about passions or an objective, which are both outdated and don't tell employers what you will do for them. Instead, writers should focus on the unique strengths that elevate them above other candidates and highlight this information in a professional profile section at the top of the resume. Employers are looking for candidates that add value to their organization, so this needs to come across in the resume language.

Another mistake is not fully optimizing previous jobs that may seem irrelevant to the career field they are entering. Recent college grads often either list a job at a fast-food restaurant along with the tasks they performed, or they simply omit the job altogether. In reality, there are ways to include the job and still make it seem like beneficial work experience. Marotti suggests, "instead of focusing on the tasks that were performed at the job, college grads should focus on the skills learned." These can include time-management, conflict management and even customer relationship skills.

Although the job market has improved dramatically, with unemployment at its lowest rate in seven years, some new grads still struggle with finding a job in their chosen field. Vertical Media Solutions encourages job seekers to look for jobs that match their unique interests and skill sets rather than the title that is on their diploma. Doing so opens up a whole new range of employment opportunities at which college degree holders can excel both professionally and personally.

Resume Writing Tips For Recent College Graduates is a must-read for anyone entering today's competitive workforce.

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