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Top-Rated Foundation Repair Company Speaks out About Winter Foundation Repairs

Local home and business owners are often unaware of the importance of foundation issues. However, a Chattanooga foundation repair company is educated locals about cold-weather repairs.


Chattanooga, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2022 --Great things are happening with Chattanooga Foundation Repair Experts these days, especially in terms of winter concrete restoration. The Tennessee-based company wants potential customers to understand that foundation repairs can be made during the winter months with success.

One of the worst things homeowners can do is allow cracked and deteriorated foundations to go neglected when the temperature takes a dip. Obtaining free Chattanooga foundation inspections by licensed contractors is always the best route to go. The good news is the company offers inspections at no cost to the customer, as well as many other property-saving services.

Bobby Matthews, owner and lead contractor at Chattanooga Foundation Repair Experts, wants to remind homeowners that filling interior cracks and reinforcing bowing walls during the months of January and February is perfectly acceptable. In fact, he recommends it.

"I tend to treat a lot of foundational crack problems during the winter by using polyurethane foam injection. The substance is pliable at first and then hardens once it fills the gaps in concrete foundations. It's a great way to stabilize cement when temperatures dip below 30 degrees, said Mr. Matthews.

It is said around the foundation repair community that polyurethane injections for filling interior cracks are a temporary solution. In some cases, that might be true depending on the severity and the way the cracks are presented. However, when interior cracking is minor, injectables can be a great way to stop damage progression.

The contractors that were interviewed gave a warning that interior gap filling should not be taken on as a DIY project because it can result in further damages.

"I once saw this guy put caulk in a crack in his foundation walls, and boy, it turned out to be a nightmare. Luckily, we were able to correct the issue and use the right injectable so that the homeowner didn't cost himself an arm and a leg in repairs", said Jerry Tyler, a licensed contractor for Chattanooga Foundation Repair Experts.

If there's one piece of advice homeowners need to heed, it's not trying to DIY their own cement foundations, especially during the winter when concrete is more susceptible to cracking.

Another widely used method during the winter, even in the northern states, is reinforcing bowing walls. It is a common misconception that stabilizing concrete walls must be done during the spring or summer. In fact, many contractors prefer to take on wall support projects when the snow flies.

"Bowing walls is a byproduct of expansive soil, hydrostatic pressure, frozen soil, and lateral pressure on the outside wall. So it's imperative to have those issues repaired as soon as possible so that the walls don't begin to cave in", said Bobby Matthews.

The most common reason for bowing walls during the colder months is frozen soil for apparent reasons. Finding an experienced Chattanooga foundation repair company like Bobby Matthew's is the best and quickest way to get in front of the problem.

Some of the most robust ways to fix bowing walls during the winter are by applying wall anchors and bracing systems. Wall anchors are easy to install, and the procedure is minimally invasive.

There are some foundation repairs that are not suitable for the winter months, such as waterproofing and irrigation deflection services. When it comes to waterproofing, the ground needs to be soft so that irrigation systems like French drains can be installed. When the weather is cold, and the ground is frozen, it is extremely difficult to dig trenches in the soil.

However, all other foundation repairs during Chattanooga winters are perfectly fine. In most cases, homeowners can avoid spring flooding disasters by having foundational damages dealt with during wintertime. Postponing crack repair for spring and summer can be an unwise decision because it often leads to cracks becoming bigger and allowing leaks to form when the snow and ice melts.

Another reason to opt for concrete foundation repair in Chattanooga, TN, is to prevent cement from sinking further into the soil. Again, once the frozen earth begins to thaw, foundations that were already prone to sinking will simply continue their descent into the ground. According to Corey Simms, another licensed and fully bonded contractor who works with the company, homes that are already in need of house leveling or slab jacking can begin to shift and become uneven.

Once the ground thaws, a home that is having foundational problems may appear as lopsided and certain functions may not work correctly. The best way to tackle the problem is to have the home leveled before the winter months are over.

It pays off to have a company that has experience in winter foundation repair working on residential and commercial properties that show signs of cement problems.

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