Allen Kamrava, MD

Top-Rated Hemorrhoid Specialist Provides State of the Art Anal Fistula Laser Treatment


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2017 --As a certified colon and rectal surgeon, Dr. Kamrava is recognized for his excellence in providing robotic surgery, laparoscopic techniques, and anal fistula laser treatment. With many years of surgical experience under his belt, Dr. Kamrava is able to provide the most advanced colorectal treatments: his services include minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment, fast track colonoscopy, and even the cutting-edge anal fistula laser treatment.

Dr. Kamrava's use of minimally invasive procedures such as the anal fistula laser treatment is a testament to his commitment to patients' comfort and well-being. This commitment to patients' well-being also translates to ensuring that patients are scheduled for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. As a skilled provider of anal fistula laser treatment, Dr. Kamrava and his highly experienced team of medical professionals are able to provide the most effective treatments as soon as possible.

While some over-the-counter medication may be able to provide short-term relief, chronic colorectal conditions typically require immediate medical care. As a provider of anal fistula laser treatment, Dr. Kamrava is able to address patient's concerns about anal fistula and other colorectal conditions, as well as provide the most effective solutions from anal fistula laser treatment to hemorrhoid laser treatment.

About Dr. Allen Kamrava, M.D.
Dr. Allen Kamrava is a hemorrhoid specialist based in Beverly Hills, CA. He provides a wide range of colorectal treatments such as robotic surgical procedures, anal fistula laser treatment, and hemorrhoid laser treatments. With his knowledge and expertise in colorectal treatments like anal fistula laser treatment, Dr. Kamrava is able to provide his patients with top-notch medical care.

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