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Tork by Vinda Stationed in Beijing Daxing International Airport to Build Green Washroom Quality Project


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2019 --Today, people are spending a growing part of their lives outside of their homes.  People want this part of life to be as hygienic and sustainable as possible. Therefore, hygiene and sanitary public toilets and toilet equipment tend to be very important in China as they can greatly improve people's travel experience and show care to passengers, especially in high traffic transportation hubs, such as airports and railway stations. This also raises higher standards for the safety, simplicity in maintenance and cleaning efficiency of the equipment.

On September 25th, six days before the 70th National Day, the opening ceremony of Beijing Daxing International Airport ("Daxing Airport"), which is known as one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World", caught the world's attention as it is the world's first international transport hub with a two-storey departure gates. In addition to the eye-catching new airport facilities and technologies, Daxing Airport is also seeking revolutionary cleaning solutions for public toilets.

Located at the heart of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic Urban Agglomeration, Daxing Airport is the largest airport in the world. The Airport is estimated to be able to accept more than 100 million passengers annually. Such high traffic naturally imposed higher standards for the design and cleaning solutions of public toilets. The construction of Daxing Airport follows the concept of green energy saving and emission, sustainable development, aiming to make the space, including the public washroom user-friendly, intelligent, innovative and sustainable. The concept of green sustainable development fits perfectly with Tork, sustainability is an integral part of its business with a focus to contribute to wellbeing, sustainable consumption and a circular society. On the top of that, Tork procure from certified and responsible source and reduce waste while ensuring friendly user experience by dispenser with innovative designs of patented technology.

When stepping into the toilets of Daxing Airport, passengers will see the professionalism and humanity in hygiene solution. The hygiene solution includes Elevation line of Tork, the tissue dispenser system, the winner the German IF Design Award and the Reddot Award, an intelligent air freshener system that can automatically adjust itself to human traffic flow, a space-saving toilet seat paper dispenser system, a green and automatic hand sanitizer system, and Smartone toilet tissue system with center feed innovative design of patented technology, which effectively reduces waste by providing one piece of tissue at one time thus reduces the time of reloading refills and maintenance costs. Comfortable user experience and professionalism can be seen from these slightest details.

Why does Daxing Airport choose Tork? Actually, this is not the first airport presence of Tork, Globally Tork has made its appearance in a number of in airport, including Beijing Capital International Airport ("BCIA"), which got great exposure because of its successful "Toilet Revolution". According to BCIA's plan, it will update all of its public toilets in several stages based on its sample toilet cubicle in 2-3 years' time. Such experience can be borrowed by other domestic airports in the future.

Now Tork provides professional and efficient hygiene solution to Daxing Airport by leveraging its service experience from multiple international airports such as Singapore Changi Airport and other international airports . Daxing Airport project would be an important strategic milestone for Tork by Vinda to realize fast growth and ambitious to build AFH business in both China and Asia-Pacific, and contribute its effort to bringing a better life for Chinese consumers.