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TortoiseTown Now Offers the Largest Selection of Captive Bred Tortoises for Sale After the Addition of 4 New Species

Tortoise town now offers over 25 species of captive bred tortoises for sale online.


Galloway, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2018 is proud to announce that they have added 4 additional species of tortoise for sale to their already largest inventory in the country. Tortoise town specializes in captive bred tortoises for sale, in a variety of sizes and ages. When asked what prompted the addition of 4 new species of tortoise to the already largest tortoise farm in America, a company spokesman responded "it has always been our goal to have the largest selection of 100% captive-bred tortoise for sale anywhere in the world. With the addition of 4 new Testudo family species, we are now the largest testudo tortoise breeder in America."

"When considering where our customer demand has landed regarding different types of tortoise species for sale, the Testudo species has always remained our main focus, due to their size and adaptability to adapt to a wide range of climates and habitat setups". the company spokesman added. Tortoise Town now features the following subspecies of Testudo tortoises for sale: The Egyptian Tortoise, The Russian or Horsfield Tortoise, a variety of Greek tortoises including Testudo Graecea, Morrocan Greeks, Ibera Greeks, Golden Greeks and African Greeks. Other Testudo species include the elongated tortoise, the Hermann's tortoise, which now is available in a variety of locale specific subspecies of both the Eastern and Western Hermann's tortoise.

Tortoises as well as turtles can make excellent pets and additions to reptile enthusiasts reptile collections alike. They are long lived, reasonably easy to care for when proper attention to habitat setup is performed, and beautiful docile creatures. Some tortoises can live over 100 years and are often "willed" to younger generations as older generations prepare their estates. The oldest documented tortoise age was a male Aldabra tortoise who lived on the Seychelles islands for over 255 years.

If you're considering purchasing a baby tortoise for sale or any type of turtle for sale, or aquatic turtle for sale, or a box turtle for sale, tortoise town offers the largest variety in the United States and all of their animals come with a full live arrival and health guarantee. Tortoise Town's goal is to educate America about the wonderful species of tortoise, often endangered across the globe and has been working on the new propagation of species thru years of careful captive breeding.