TraceFree Takes on Big Tech, Launches Kickstarter for the World's First True Privacy Web Browser

Disruptive browser allows users to surf the web securely and completely anonymous defeating Facebook & Google Data Gathering


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/08/2018 --Unlike every other browser on the market today including Google's Chrome Incognito and Apple Safari's Private Browsing, TraceFree is the world's ONLY completely secure and anonymous browser, where its users' devices are never touched by any site visited. The revolutionary TraceFree browser enables its users to now hide their identity, location and device from any and all prying eyes. Corporate intrusion on privacy, be it Cambridge Analytica or Facebook itself or Google, who collects much more user data than Facebook, or any other firm is foiled by TraceFree's quantum leap forward in online privacy.

Companies like Facebook and Google rely on user's data to make billions of dollars by collecting, using and profiting by a user's private information. TraceFree allows its users to surf with no fear of cookies, browsing history or even a virus ever touching their device, because they are exclusively surfing in the cloud. In fact, TraceFree provides its users a disposable browser, which eliminates all cookies, browsing history and potential virus threats by keeping them in the cloud. Each time TraceFree users login, they are provided a new disposable browser that never allows anything to touch or leave any trace on their device! The result? Browsers go anywhere and do everything with ZERO chance of their activity being observed, tracked or collected by anyone.

Feedback from early testers makes it clear TraceFree is on to something….

"Wow, this is really fast."

"I don't want my competitors to know I'm looking at their site."

"Google thinks I'm in NYC!"


"The speed is really noticeable."

"Our site gets a lot of emails with links to stories that we have to read to stay current. Those links are no longer worrisome to open."

TraceFree is fully functional now and available to early backers for beta access with a full roll out scheduled for Fall 2018.

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