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Tracker Book Rolls out Reformatted Edition of Fitness Tracker 2-Year Exercise Log with Points

The second edition of Fitness Tracker features a more compact design, greater portability, and more personalized approach to exercise tracking, while retaining the simple 6-level points system and grid layout.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/26/2013 --Tracker Book, an independent publisher of log books founded in 2012 and based in Denver, Colorado, has released a new and reformatted edition of its signature product, Fitness Tracker 2-Year Exercise Log with Points. The most significant change to the book is a 33% reduction in size from 11” x 8.5” to 9.5” x 6.5”. Despite the smaller size, the book has more features than the original first edition of the book, which was released in November 2012.

Explains Fitness Tracker’s designer, Mark Walters: “While I was pleased with the first edition of Fitness Tracker, and still further pleased to know how much the book has helped many individuals stay more committed to a regular and consistent exercise program, at the same time I felt that I could improve the book and make it an even better product. It made sense to reformat the book into a smaller size, and what resulted is an exercise log that feels more personal and that offers greater portability.” Despite all the new features, the book retains the first edition's simple 6-level points system and grid layout.

In addition to the more compact format, Fitness Tracker 2-Year Exercise Log with Points contains additional features to the first edition. Despite the smaller size on the page, the size of the grid boxes has increased to allow for easier and more enjoyable recording of daily exercise points. The book now allows users to calculate points weekly, in addition to at monthly and yearly intervals. There is now space to record monthly mileage for up to 3 activities per month, as well as more space to record a description of training sessions and special outings in the Trip Tracker.

Another significant feature to the new edition is the inclusion of 8 pages of Weightlifting Logs that allow users to track muscle strengthening exercises by date, amount, and repetitions. In addition to the review of exercise fundamentals that was contained in the first edition of Fitness Tracker, the second edition also features a review of the key dietary fundamentals to encourage not only more frequent exercise but more nutritional eating as well. The reformatted version also benefits from an improved wire-o binding that allows for a smoother turning of pages and sturdier construction.

The new version of Fitness Tracker 2-Year Exercise Log with Points, with suggested retail price of $15.95, is now available for sale on,, and direct from the publisher at Persons involved with wellness communities, workplaces, schools, or organizations who wish to promote more frequent and consistent physical activity among larger groups of people can take advantage of Tracker Book’s bulk pricing, which offers a discounted price on 10-book bundles, when ordered direct from the publisher.

“Today, it is very easy to spend lots of money on memberships to fitness facilities, exercise equipment, and fancier digital tracking apps, but Fitness Tracker remains an effective and affordable back-to-the-basics approach to consistent exercise,” explains Walters. “At a cost of less than $8 a year to reap all the added mental and physical benefits that come from increased participation in exercise and physical activity, it really is a remarkable value.”

Tracker Book is set to release a third product, Money Tracker 2-Year Budget & Finance Log, in mid-December 2013. This money management log book will allow users to record and monitor spending daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly across 4 general categories. In addition, individuals can record financial account balances each month to closely monitor income versus expenses. The book also features debt calculators, budget calculators, total spending charts, and space to make custom plot graphs of yearly financial data.

Tracker Book’s third product offering is a time management and goal-setting tool, Project Tracker 2-Year Time Log & Goal Setter, which was released in December 2012.