How Do I Trade Stocks Shows 60% Average ROI Annually for First Three Years, Unveils New Site


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2014 --How Do I Trade Stocks ( has unveiled the latest version of their three year-old website. The new version offers an expanded selection of trading programs for every level of trader. How Do I Trade Stocks gives its members access to the trades of its founder John Bannan. The website has shown a 60% average annual return on its trades in its three years of existence.

John Bannan takes stock trading seriously, and his own frustrations with trading websites fostered a determination to do it differently. How Do I Trade Stocks gives unfettered, real-time access to the trading mind of John Bannan, transparent with trades available as John makes them, with not one trade left out of its archive accessible to members.

Anne Marie Heinrichs, President, says of their platform, "What we do is rather unusual in the trading website world. John actually tells members what he is going to do tomorrow, instead of armchair quarterbacking what happened today or yesterday. We run a completely transparent site. We cannot hide or falsify any returns because the trades are presented before we make them and every trade John makes, or has made, is available on for members to view."

How Do I Trade Stocks has unveiled on their updated website, what they view as a wide range of products for stock traders of every level of experience. From monthly plans under $20 to advanced tutorial programs, everyone who wants to trade stocks can learn from a risk adverse trader who makes very healthy gains on his investments.

Anne Marie Heinrichs reflects the company's commitment to each member, "We recognize that just as each one of us has our own unique personality, we each have our own unique way to trade which reflects that personality. We've taken great care to offer everyone an entry point on How Do I Trade Stocks new website."

In anticipation of his book release in 2015, founder John Bannan will be taking How Do I Trade Stocks on the road this year. He has booked a 40 date tour across Canada with his new seminar “Anyone Can Retire In 10 Years”. The first event will be on March 27th in Kitchener, Ontario.

How Do I Trade Stocks was founded by John Bannan in 2011. John studied trading in the academic world as well as being mentored by some of Wall Street's foremost traders, including Phil Town and Courtney Smith. offers real time access to John's trades, and a complete history of all his trades going back to the beginning of the website.

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