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Trademark Bullying Victim Roy Fang Prepares for Legal Battle After Surviving Attempted Breach

The owner of the individual trademark of Pay-U® mark in International Class 35, Roy Fang is ready for yet another gruesome legal battle against the Netherlands-based investment holding company MIH Allegro BV.


Inglewood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2015 --Hashtag marketing specialist Roy Fang is all set to restart his long legal battle with MIH Allegro BV. The individual trademark owner of Pay-U® mark in International Class 35, Roy has already had a long legal battle with this Netherlands based investment holding company. It is relevant to mention here that Roy has been holding this trademark since November 18, 2008. MIH Allegro's recent attempt to breach this trademark has been foiled by the rejection of trademark applications 86707931 and 86707936 via USTPO office actions.

Earlier this year, Roy was relieved by a settlement agreement via the ADR Program directed by the United States Federal Court, Central District California. Surprisingly, immediately after the signing of this agreement, MIH filed another application using a different company name utilizing the service of the same law firm. The sole objective of this endeavour was to breach Roy's Pay-U® mark in international class 35. However, the denial of this application was no surprise because merely changing the identity of the applicant doesn't alter the legal ground for a 2(d) denial. Now, the applicant MIH PayU BV has six months to respond to their rejected applications.

Though unfortunate, the ordeal faced by Roy Fang is nothing new these days. Many small and medium sized business owners have recently fallen prey to this growing trend called trademark bullying. Also known as trademark trolling, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) refers to trademark bullying as a situation where the owner of a trademark utilizes its trademark rights to harass and intimidate another business beyond the scopes of the legal system.

Popular legal blog Legal-Inspiring explains trademark bullying in a recent post stating, "Imagine a small business happily and peacefully using its registered trademark. No one bothers this small business because they are using their trademark within the bounds of trademark law. One day, a trademark bully feels threatened by the smaller business and sends a threat of litigation requesting the small business stops using the trademark. Out of fear, the small businesses cease operations and stops using the trademark because they don't want to embark on a potentially expensive legal battle. "

Roy Fang's uncompromising fight against cyber bullying is certainly an inspiration for thousands of small and medium sized businesses facing this growing legal issue. Highlighting his experience of fighting a cyber bully, Roy stated, "Resigning to a cyber bully out of fear or apprehensions is not the solution. Consultation with a trademark lawyer will send a strong message for the offender to stop bullying and start negotiation."

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Roy Fang is an individual trademark owner of Pay-U® mark in International Class 35, registered since November 18, 2008 with USPTO. Roy specializes in HashTag Marketing, SocialTag Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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