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Traditional Abstract LLC Performs Escrow Service in Easton and Allentown, Pennsylvania

To ensure safe and secure real estate transactions, the use of escrow service is gaining importance.


Allentown, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2021 --The real estate transaction is a complex process. With the launch of the escrow service, real estate transaction has become easier. The service aims to handle the transfer of funds and necessary documents between the seller and buyer or their agents. The whole idea of the escrow service in Easton and Allentown, Pennsylvania, ensures everything during the transaction runs smoothly.

As a leading title and escrow company, Traditional Abstract LLC works to get real estate transactions done smoothly and effectively for their clients. The escrow services for funds that they provide are typically used for settlement and closing costs. As a title company, Traditional Abstract brings its experience and expertise at handling the transfer of funds and documents between all involved parties. Once they have confirmed all documents are all right, the final closing can take place.

Escrow is primarily designed to protect all relevant parties in the transactions by ensuring that no funds from the lender and property change hands until every condition in the agreement is met. In a way, this protects both parties.

During buying a property, all the proper documentation is confirmed by the escrow agent or company. Some particular contingencies that may be part of the process include repairs, home inspections, and any other tasks that must be completed by either the seller or the buyer.

Upon completion of every single step, a contingency release form must be signed off. Thus the transaction moves forward and finally comes to closing. Once all conditions are met, the transaction is finalized. This service benefits individuals in many ways.

For buyers, it tracks the process and verifies when it is completed. The seller is not paid until all terms are accepted and met. It also allows sellers to pay only when escrow verifies the funds. With this service, uncertainty associated with any transaction is reduced and eliminated. This service not only safeguards the funds, but it also makes sales easier.

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