Sparx Hockey, Inc.

Traditional Skate Sharpening Will Be a Thing of the Past for Hockey Players


Acton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2015 --Today, Sparx Hockey, Inc., inventors of the Sparx Home Skate Sharpener officially launched their Pre-order Website. The Sparx Home Skate Sharpener will fundamentally change the way hockey players prepare for games. Pro hockey players typically sharpen their skates before every game. This isn't a problem for pros who have equipment managers on hand. For amateur and youth hockey players, without a support team, sharpening that often is nearly impossible. That all changes with the introduction of the Sparx sharpener.

Until now, there have been two primary problems with the process of getting skates sharpened:

1) A large time commitment is required - a special trip to a hockey shop is often needed due to inconvenient hours and locations of skate sharpeners.

2) Sharpening inconsistency - finding skilled people who provide professional level results is a tremendous challenge.

The Sparx Skate Sharpener addresses these problems by allowing players to easily and safely sharpen their own skates, with professional level results, from the convenience of their home.

Regarding the launch of the Website, founder and CEO, Russell Layton, had this to say: "As a hockey player and a hockey dad, sharpening skates has always been a frustrating problem. As a mechanical engineer, creating a reliable and accurate skate sharpener seemed like a challenge worth tackling. What I wanted was a Keurig-like skate sharpener I could use at home. Routine skate sharpening needed to be precise, affordable, and one-button easy. The product I wanted didn't exist so I assembled a team of talented engineers to build it ourselves.

I knew we were onto something special when pro hockey players began raving about skating on Sparx Sharpenings. We've tested the sharpener with kids and pros alike and everyone is very excited by the performance and time savings that Sparx delivers. The fact that there is a place - as of today - where people can pre-order the Sparx Sharpener and know they'll have it this winter is tremendously gratifying. I couldn't be more thrilled for our team and the hockey world."

About Sparx Hockey, Inc.
Sparx Hockey, Inc. is based in Acton, MA. Founded in 2012, Sparx Hockey has designed, engineered and built the first safe, clean and easy-to-use skate sharpener designed for home use. A Kickstarter campaign Sparx ran in March of 2015 and surpassed all expectations by clearing the goal of $60,000 in under 4 days and ultimately raising $176,420 in sharpener sales.

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