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Transform Any Car Into a Home on Wheels with the Nesty, an Ultra Low Profile, Premium Roof Tent


Oceanside, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2018 --Nesty, the revolutionary new ultra low profile, premium roof tent that transforms any car into a home on wheels, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Designed for everyone from a weekend warrior to the full time traveler, Nesty is a sleek and premium low profile vehicle tent that is redefining what it means to find comfort outdoors.

"4 years ago, I found comfort outside with my VW Westy, which completely changed my perspective - by educating me about minimalism, and pushing me outside my traditional comfort (adventuring, traveling and surfing). This ultimately led to me leaving my corporate career, and simplifying my life with an intent to refocus on my passions, which became about sharing and encouraging others to a Reformed Life," says founder Ryan Minarik. "And since I knew that renovating and maintaining a 40 year old van wasn't for everyone, I developed the Nesty, as an affordable micro home on wheels for any vehicle - so anyone can find themselves Outside Comfort."

The Nesty has been engineered minimal and rugged, durable enough to take any place during any season. It folds into an ultra slim 8" package which is 33%-46% slimmer than other soft roof tents reducing overall drag and weight while improving fit on smaller cars and in garages. The Nesty's slim profile hides its spacious interior, seamlessly transforming into a comfortable two person suite (as a 3 person tent) with all the elements that make adventurers feel at home; elevated safety with panoramic views, a comfortable mattress, options to improve airflow or shade, integrated twinkle lights, and storage pockets for the essentials. 

"So much of our world is artificial and its apparent many are losing their connection to our earth. Spending all day inside, driving from place to place and looking at screens. But by nature we are wild, and when we return to it we gain far more than we seek," adds Minarik. "So we developed the Nesty to help you find comfort just outside of it and also to give back to the planet, as 1% is being donated to plant trees in California, to help combat a record breaking fire season that burned more than 1.3 million acres."

The Nesty retails for $2,250, but from now until May 14, backers can access exclusive promotional pricing offers to save up to $800 (36% off). Nesty is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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Reform Life LLC is a pioneering "outdoor comfort" brand focused on  pushing you outside your comfort to reconnect with yourself and the planet with premium, versatile and comfortable outdoor products for travelers of all types. Founded in the Summer of 2017 and launched in the Spring of 2018, Reform is a leading developer of minimal and premium roof tents made for any vehicle and season.

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