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Transform Your Life: Join Author and Inspirational Speaker Dale Halaway in a Series of Soulful Seminars

As an agent in bringing positive change into people's lives, Dale's taking his teachings on the road in the form of a series of soulful seminars on personal and professional growth


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2018 --In the past four decades, Dale Halaway's been dedicating his knowledge and wisdom to helping others into positive change in a plethora of ways, from personal finance going through relationships all the way to a true soul awakening. He is a firm believer that personal transformation results in clarity - knowing who you are, why you are, what you want and therefore how to achieve it, all the while becoming the best possible version of yourself. He's instilled positive change in a lot of lives throughout his journey with over 3000 empowering seminars, keynotes and workshops under his belt, and with the "TransCovery® Process", a life-changing system based on purging negative, limiting energy and creating real transformation.

In addition to a successful book launch, Dale's been giving several seminars this year. His most recent seminar on Soul Success provided in depth self-exploration of one's unique soul signature. Subsequently, he held a three day seminar in Las Vegas on April 20-22, the 4th part of his Relationship N'You® Series, off which here's an upcoming event as well on June 23rd, Transform Your Life: Reclaim Your Authentic Power. Seminar goers will discover how to become the better version of themselves as they delve into their shadow side, and learn how to fully maximize each relationship in their life and career.

"The more than 400 attendees were unanimous in their praise of Dale's message and I know he touched the lives of many. The standing ovations which Dale received is a strong testimonial to the strength of his message and his powerful presentation." - TRAVEL 2000 NETWORK, LTD

With his book 'Being Called To Change', Dale opened yet one more door for people to bring their lives into alignment with their true "soul" self. That's one of the key themes in his current seminar series, Relationship N' You®. In these seminars, the focus is on healing, a real healing of what he calls the shadow part of one's being. It's where all those hurtful feelings are, anger, resentment, jealousy, everything that can misguide you to a self destructive way of life, many times without even realizing it. Dale shines a bright light on that dark spot in the soul, and healing it's the first step towards the empowerment needed to finally create the life of your dreams.

As True Teacher Of The Soul, Dale will help you find the inspiration you already have within you, how to channel it and bring it out to the light in order to turn your journey on this planet a better one, not only for you but for everyone around you; how you can discover and connect with your own authentic power while living in harmony with the natural laws of your spiritual being. As Dale puts it: "You don't have a soul… You are a soul!"