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Transforming Delivery Service with Parcel Lockers


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2021 --Globalization, technological disruptors, and hyper-competition have had the world market on the edge of its seat over the last couple of decades. And rather than ease, it's going to become even more challenging in the years ahead. Now it's not about who has the best price, the biggest warehouses, or fleet of vehicles. It's about access to accurate forward-thinking business intelligence and the capacity to successfully modify operation based on that intelligence but in a more localized context.

A successful seller-client partnership today is heavily influenced by the ability of the product or logistics provider to demonstrate and implement new value-adding technologies even before the clients ask. Businesses that fail to act and adapt fast enough to forfeit their chance to become market leaders. E-commerce players and start-ups have identified innovative last-mile delivery services as a key differentiator.

Why Use Parcel Lockers

Ordering for items and shipping them are the easy parts of e-commerce. Getting that package into the hands of a client — what's referred to as "the last mile" delivery — can be quite challenging for both the seller and their buyers. Consumers prefer the smart parcel locker method for many reasons. Top among these is the 24/7 availability of the delivery service, the lower costs, and the ability to select specific delivery locations.

Dongcheng Electronic smart lockers are the delivery model of choice for several reasons. The fast fulfillment process is cited by many buyers as a big plus factor. The Dongcheng lockers facilitate last-mile coverage within a reasonable time.

Convenience: Rather than being forced to continuously sort items and distribute them across multiple internal locations, parcel or package lockers enable the centralization of distribution. This greatly reduces the amount of internal handling that would typically be required.

Logistics carriers can, with smart lockers secure technology, deliver multiple orders to a pre-set parcel locker location. This eliminates the cost and annoyance associated with failed first deliveries, the hustle of rescheduling deliveries, and the endless uncertainty of having a client working with a vague timeframe to pick up their parcel.

Mitigates Disruption: The addition of an auto-generated notification feature helps further mitigate potential disruption. Package recipients can be notified when they have a delivery that needs to be picked up. They can then decide to pick up their items from a parcel locker site at the least disruptive time of their choice.

This series of automation processes contribute to a reduction of the amount of time a parcel spends in the package locker and cuts down the number of times the parcel changes hands — it's also more secure because of the smart lockers system.

Minimizes Risk: The smart lockers and parcel locker system has strengthened and secured the last-mile delivery experience. The unique passcode security and reinforced construction by Dongcheng Electronic remove the risk of package loss or theft. Effectively, package lockers allow logistics staff to enjoy the delivery work without worrying about theft.

Recent research shows that buyers view the parcel locker technology and last-mile delivery positively. Smart lockers and parcel locker delivery is also deemed to be more cost-efficient and efficient than the traditional method of home delivery. Parcel lockers from Dongcheng Electronic also contribute positively toward ecological sustainability.

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