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Enterprise Auto Transport Joins Transport Reviews


Naples, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2012 --Rena Anders, a sales agent for Total Car Shipping is now the owner of Enteprise Auto Transport company.

Rena Anders has a solution in the highly competitive auto transport industry. Her motto is service before the sale. We did some background research on Ms. Anders on Transportreviews.com. We searched and found her name several times under her previous employer Total Car shipping. It seems almost all wrote overwhemingly satisfied reviews. 99% of her previous customers reviewed her service as honest and knowledeable. It seems Total Car Shipping also as a company was also held in high regard having an overall 5 star rating on the review site. With her new company Enterprise Auto Transport, Rena will continue to provide customers world class service just as she did at Total Car Shipping.

Customers will be able to receive online quotes powered by Enterprise Auto Transports website and Ms. Anders is only a phone call away. “We offer a straight forward honest approach when we provide quotes to our customers. I don’t believe in hard selling we just give the facts,” said Rena Anders, CEO of Enterprise Auto Transport. “Not only is honesty something the company stands for, we will become one of the most accountable transport companies in the country by not charging an upfront deposit until we have provided our service”.

Enterprise Auto Transport will hire salespeople who have passed criminal background checks, drug screenings and also agents who can prove they are honest and have integrity. Ms. Anders said when she was a new agent she went to many transport agencies in Miami. What she found was shocking. Felons working behind the computer taking credit cards. Companies located in some of the worst slum areas of Miami claiming to be Top Notch agencies who hired snake oil salesman. Anders will hand select agents by holding interviews and also scouting for qualified broker agents on transportreviews.com website. She will also become a sponsor of the website being only one of only 46 out of more than 2300 nationwide broker agencies who monetary support the customer review site. Transportreviews.com ‘ traffic analytics and optimization technology drives consumer traffic to the their websites encouraging customers to write honest reviews about companies they have done business with and the agents they worked with. “We only will hire the best and we will know they are the best by checking backgrounds and checking their reviews,” said Anders.

“Enterprise Auto Transport is thrilled to launch and excited to compete against some of the biggest transport companies in the business and give them a run for their money,” said Anders. “Arranging for a car to be shipped from point A to point B can be time consuming, stressful, and expensive, usually involving multiple phone calls to different companies who are lets face it not always very honest in their dealings”. “My company is here to take the stress out of this process and make it as easy as possible for our customers by hiring the best agents and only the best transporters.” By not charging an upfront deposit Anders believes she will earn her customers trust. Anders feels charging an upfront deposit is dishonest and leaves room for people to be less than honest about their quotes because commision is involved. “My company makes no money until we provide the service period and it keeps us honest, said Anders. During our interview it seemed apparent that Ms. Anders was very transparent about her business dealings and after checking out her past reviews from previous employer Total Car Shipping it is obvious customers are in good hands at her new company.

About Enterprise Auto Transport
Enterprise Auto Transport will provide nationwide auto transport quotes for its customers. The company will offer auto shipping quote services and also offer a quotes through its easy-to-use website. Anders joined Transport Reviews in March under her own company Enterprise Auto Transport. For more information, please visit http://www.enterpriseautotransport.com