TRANSTEK Just Launched a New Smart Scale, Excellent Body Analyzer at a Reasonable Price


Zhongshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2020 --As people's health consciousness increases, more and more people start to join the fitness team. In the fitness process, the most important thing is always to pay attention to the changes of physical indicators to achieve the best training effect. The body fat scale meets this demand and becomes a good choice for people to record their body changes.

In August 2020, Transtek launched a new body fat scale, the GBF-2008-BF series. The new model product has high measurement accuracy, and the minimum graduation is 0.05kg. The new product can monitor body data in multiple directions, it can monitor 15 body compositions and make the corresponding analysis.

As Transtek's latest body fat scale product, GBF-2008-BF Smart WiFi & BLE Body Fat Scale is equipped with high configuration: based on years of accumulated health data and self-developed algorithm, it can measure weight, body fat percentage, fat mass, lean body mass, muscle percentage, muscle mass, basal metabolism, water percentage, bone mass ratio, bone mass, BMI and other total 15 body data to ensure the high accuracy of the measurement.

Highlights of GBF-2008-BF digital body fat scale:
1. WIFI & BLUETOOTH Connection
2. Small weight range: 0.15-180kg.
3. Colourful ITO coating
4. Customizable

Supporting APP provides data analysis
Transtek's new body fat claims to support WIFI and Bluetooth connection to its health app. After each measurement, the weight will show on the scale directly, for other data will be transmitted to Transtek APP, the user only need to open the APP and see 15 body index data and data trend. The index data of each measurement will be recorded in the system. The data can be compared and analyzed before and after so that users can understand the changes in their body well, and the data can also be shared with their family members or friends.

Besides, the APP can also give users professional recommendations based on actual conditions, such as training intensity, training course recommendation and diet guidelines to help users reach their ideal body situation as soon as possible. The Transtek Body Fat Scale APP can also remind users to actively complete their health plans and monitor their good habits in time. Besides, after the user binds relevant information through the APP, it can automatically identify the user and display the relevant data directly on the scale through the invisible LED screen.

In addition, the most special thing is that GBF-2008-BF body fat scale is designed with superb craft, it is equipped with tempered glass with R30 safety angle, even if there are children at home, there is no worry about the safety risks.

Basic Configuration of GBF-2008-BF scale:
Invisible LED
Tempered glass with R30 safe corner
Product Dimension: 300 x 300 x 24.5mm
Weight Capacity: 180kg
Division: 0.05kg/0.1lb
Product Weight: 1.7kg
Units: kg/lb
Color: black & white & customized color
Power: 4 x AAA batteries

Transtek GBF-2008-BF digital body fat scale is impeccable in terms of function and appearance. Large-area toughened glass is used to create the scale surface, and the high-precision CNC polished glass edges and integrated frosted bottom shell make its appearance highly recognizable. The GBF-2008-BF scale presents modern minimalism, and it looks like a work of art wherever it is placed in the home.

Transtek has been integrating resources and creating a "Concept-to-Volume" platform. It's a platform designed to provide quality design, solution and manufacturing services to top-notched brands worldwide for medical and healthcare technology products. Transktek committed to creating a healthy life for users and improving life quality. With this product, users will manage the body in a more scientific and personalized way. The Transtek GBF-2008-BF scale has a full range of functions and can monitor 15 body composition. The body analyzer scale can be customized according to your needs with reasonable price. Click the link below or go directly to the Transtek official website to get in touch with us!